It’s that time of year again where people make challenging resolutions and begin afresh with a new year on the horizon. As businesses are preparing for tax season and refocusing their companies for the new year, we’re all are asking ourselves the same question, how can we be better this year? We end up taking a fine-tooth comb to our files and records, meticulously examining all the details, but what if the solution was right in front of us? An increasing amount of companies are utilizing third-party contact centers as a way to refine business operations, cut costs, and reduce the amount of stress an in-house contact center produces. Outsourced customer service diminishes the amount of what you have to do, freeing up more time for your business to focus on larger projects and goals. Below are the top eight reasons we have found outsourcing helpful to contact center clients.

1. Around the Clock Care
A 24hr answering service provides around the clock care for your customers! Not only does a 24/7/365 response provide excellent care for your customers, it also makes your company accessible at any time to anyone, never missing an opportunity. In today’s industry, being available all of the time is less of a luxury and more of a necessity

2. Cost Reduction
A phone answering service means lower costs for your business. Only use what you need when you need it. Letting a contact center handle your call needs eliminates the headache and cost that comes with employee turnover, equipment upkeep, and training agents. Worrying less about your contact center frees up more time for more important tasks. Services are charged on a transactional or per-hour basis, decreasing your idle time and lowering your cost-per-call rate.

3. Flexibility and Scalability
In-house contact centers face the problem of scaling their staff for varying periods of call volume. Idle agents mean increased costs for your business with no return. Outsourced contact centers share agents between companies, meaning accurate scalability is more easily achievable. More agents are available when you need them for major campaigns or seasonal activity.

4. Specialized Service
Industry specific knowledge is a must in the contact center business, which is why outsourcing to experienced contact centers is a tactful business decision. Call agents at contact centers are trained on industry specific standards to handle each call they receive, meaning your callers are in capable hands.

5. Data Collection and Analysis
Outsourced customer service provides resources for your company like data collection and analysis. Capturing and analyzing data from calls provides information about your callers as well as using information from other campaigns to benefit your business. Multiple clients mean experienced customer service providers for your business’s specific needs.

6. Team Effort
Outsourcing your contact center needs means you have a strong team working for you! Some contact centers offer script writing, database management, e-commerce, and order fulfillment as part of their services to their clients. Finding a contact center that does it all really puts the cherry on top!

7. Top of the Line Technology
Outsourcers focus on having top of the line technology for their customers. This technology is made more affordable to clients because the cost is spread out over multiple clients, not just charged to one entity. Current technology is necessary when it comes to serving your customers and growing the span of your business.

8. Knowledgeable Call Agents
Preparation time is never wasted time, which is why contact centers take the time to properly train their call agents for your business’s needs. Contact center agents are trained to know the businesses they are servicing as well as anticipate client needs. Agents follow a script, provided by the business they’re serving to ensure their tone and demeanor match your desires.

Choosing the right contact center for your needs can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With the new year on the horizon, what better way to decrease costs and boost your business image than to outsource your contact center needs. If you would like more information about what MicahTek could offer to you, call 800-303-4436 to inquire about a call center quote or more information about our services.