MicahTek has been instrumental in helping us achieve our growth goals, as well as assisting us through the process. They are always responsive and quick to help find a solution that works for us. With them, we feel like we have a true partner.

David S. Winston

Bill Winston Ministries


MicahTek has helped us work through some difficult challenges in data, always professional, always with a smile. Excellence is their culture.

Lee Bartel

John 3:16 Mission


Deciding to partner with MicahTek (nine years ago!) for our fulfillment and shipping needs was one of our best business decisions. They are consistently competent, professional and gracious. Even when the unexpected occurs, like a TV appearance that swamps our order desk, they work devotedly with us to make sure that we promptly fulfill our customer’s needs. Each staff member is a pleasure to know.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Life Codex


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone at MicahTek. I am amazed at the patience, professionalism, and dedication that your Call Center Representatives have. It is such a pleasure working with you and MicahTek.



MicahTek has serviced my ministry for many, many years and even more incarnations. Being primarily a music ministry, many of the basic rules didn’t apply but MicahTek was able to adapt to every one of them. We had made new, never done before and innovation things we’ve done as all of the core necessities. Plus a generous and patient staff to work with all this time.

Carman Licciardello



We love MicahTek because they give us options to help save money, which allows us to be better stewards of what we have. We really appreciate all they do!

Zion Oil and Gas


For eight years, MicahTek has served King Ministries International with professionalism and passion. They are the secret staff behind the curtain that makes our ministry look good, and at a cost that is thousands of dollars cheaper than if we hired our own full-time staff. With their help we are able to accomplish far more than we would be capable of doing by ourselves.

Daniel & Jessica King

King Ministries International


Thank you so much for your dedication to serve. I am so pleased with your progress as a company and appreciate all of your processes taking place under one roof. God has blessed you all with an invaluable business. I can only imagine what the eternal reward will be as you have been a part of people seeking to know God. You GET to deliver the product, whatever it may be.

Amanda Brougher

Cornerstone Television


We have received nothing but exceptional support for the many functions that make up our organization. MicahTek, Inc. also provides us with a steady flow of new marketing and cost saving ideas to help expand our influence, reach and fundraising abilities. We consider the support team provided to us by MicahTek, Inc. to be an integral part of our own organization.

Kim Clement

Kim Clement Ministries


We’re pleased to work with MicahTek who provides us with outstanding warehouse and fulfillment solutions which enable us to meet our customers goals of cost reduction, on-schedule shipping and efficient inventory allocation. Being able to warehouse and ship with complete accuracy allows us to better serve our customers in meeting the demands of providing high quality medical devices to those most in need while at the same time allowing us to be competitive within our respective market.

Michael Boshears

President Advent Medical Technologies


We have had the privilege for several years to partner with MicahTek. They are a wonderful company to work along with. We have tried many phone banks in the past and MicahTek has been one of the only ones who understand how our ministry works and they are always concerned about our needs and how they can better help us.

John Ankerburg 

John Ankerburg Show


The folks at MicahTek do an incredible job managing our Customer Support. From great phone support to timely product fulfilment they meet and exceed our expectations and those of our customers.



I have been so impressed with how quickly our client manager at MicahTek responds to my e-mails. MicahTek has always been very thorough and very professional in all of our dealings with them. We trust that they want the best for our ministry.

Tommy Lilja

Tommy Lilja Ministries


Thank you for all of your help in our year end fund raiser and for being there 13 hours a day. Thank you for responding to our need to increase the staffing. MicahTek employees have such great customer service skills and represent the Lord in all they do!



Our partnership with MicahTek has been vital to the growth of our ministry. With customer service, fulfillment, call center, and database solutions MicahTek has been able to accommodate requests small and large to customize our ministries needs to best meet the needs of those who we are reaching. They have been integral to our growth.

Gary and Drenda Keesee 

Gary and Drenda Keesee Ministries


MicahTek is the most excellent in service, consistency and communication. They will meet the needs for your ministry and/or business to make sure that you stay connected with the many people who appreciate and value your movement. The MicahTek team is certainly a gift from God and greatly appreciated.

Pastor Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill International


I have worked with MicahTek on and off for over 5 years and highly recommend their services. Their agents are top notch and their leadership always goes above and beyond. They are timely to respond and incredibly accommodating. I look forward to working with them for years to come.

Anny Reed

A Rood Awakening


I have worked with MicahTek for close to 10 years. They did such a great job with our call center that we started to use them for other services as well. Now they do all of our shipping, print our letters, and manage our database and the backend of our website. They are very responsive and bend over backwards to help us. They don’t make many mistakes but when they do, they own it and are willing to make it right. I would highly recommend them.

Nancy Buckner

Marilyn Hickey Ministries

  • Integrity
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

MicahTek maintains the highest quality staff by exemplifying three core values into our workplace environment.

Our Integrity reflects our commitment to always being honest and trustworthy partners to our clients and working to do what is best for your organization.  The high level Service displays how we go to great lengths to be accommodating and flexible in our services to find real effective solutions for our clients.  Our promise of Excellence is the way we deliver the highest quality of customer service from our contact center and professional turnkey solutions for our clients.

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