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Human Resources Mission Statement


The Human Resources Department is a strategic partner in building MicahTek’s business by maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of our clients. The Human Resources Department provides superior service in all personnel operations in compliance with employment laws and regulations. Through integrity, responsiveness and sensitivity to the employees, Human Resources promotes a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of employees, open communications, personal accountability, diversity, trust and mutual respect. These quality services of staffing, safety, employee relations, benefits and compensation programs are achieved via a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, professionalism, and a commitment to recruit, reward and retain our greatest asset – our employees.


Looking for professional, energetic, talented and detail oriented people to join our growing team at MicahTek!


MicahTek appreciates your interest in potential employment with us as we provide SOLUTIONS you need….for the GROWTH you desire! Carefully selected and trained employees are conscientious representatives for our clients; they are warm, kind and helpful. MicahTek employees display positive and enthusiastic attitudes. They are self-motivated, confident, and professional. MicahTek’s unique culture allows for the opportunity to learn and grow quickly while being challenged in a collaborative, fun atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to get engaged with our company’s culture since the more you invest in your career, the more it gives back to you! We are driven by dignity, honor, and a desire to serve. We’re looking for people with compassion, sincerity, and an overwhelming need to be effective to join our team.


Guiding Principles


· We honor the Lord in all we do

· We will encourage each other in our work and help each other succeed.

· We will keep each other informed.

· We will operate with integrity and excellence.

· We will give our best in attitude and performance.

· We will treat each other with courtesy and respect.

· We will always tell the truth.


MicahTek, Inc. is a hi-tech progressive corporation offering over fifty job classifications. The Human Resource Department is continuously searching for qualified applicants who can work with integrity, fairness and confidentiality. MicahTek, Inc. offers competitive benefits for part-time as well as full-time employees. Optional benefits include medical, dental, disability, life insurance and 401-K Retirement Plan.


Transfers and promotions from within the company are typical; however, oftentimes supervisory and managerial positions as well as entry level positions are filled from new applicants. Technical experience is a benefit, but not necessarily a requirement.

There is great demand for phone agents with data entry skills to serve the 24-hour, 7-day a week Call Center. Phone agents answer inbound, scripted calls to process product orders, donations, prayer calls, and special events through data entry directly into the computer systems. Our promise is to “Deliver a Perfect Call Every Time.”




*We believe that God has called us to do the work we do.

*We care about our clients’ success.

*We stand behind our services.

*We seek to be a blessing to our employees.

*We believe that growth must be balanced with healthy care of people.


Employment Opportunities at MicahTek


MicahTek’s office is located in Broken Arrow, OK. To potentially work as an employee with MicahTek, please view our current job openings and apply online by clicking the following link to our online employment application. Please note that MicahTek is seeking Oklahoma Residents Only.


If you are interested in a call center job, we have opportunities for Call Center Phone Agents.


Work from home or work in our office.

No experience required. No telemarketing.

Flexible Work Schedules.

Open 24 / 7 / 365

Base Rate Pay + Incentives.

Daytime & Virtual Paid Training Options Available.

Promotional Options Available


Please complete the following three items when applying for a Call Center Phone Agent position:


1. Please complete an application for employment by clicking the following link to our online employment application.

2. Please click here to take the online data entry test ⇒ data entry test

3. Please submit a resume via email to

MicahTek’s Phone Agent careers offer a highly flexible and rewarding opportunity for people to work from their home or in our office. Phone Agents can take advantage of the various work hours available, work with non-profit organizations, and receive competitive compensation and incentive payments. The ideal candidate must be confident and comfortable in multitasking (talking to customers while navigating and entering account information).


Please apply by selecting the ‘Apply Now’ button. If you have questions, feel free to email our Human Resource Department.


When there is a need for hiring, applications are reviewed and potentially qualified applicants are called to set up appointments for interviews.



MicahTek, Inc.

ATTN: Human Resource Director

8215 S. Elm Place

Broken Arrow, OK 74011


Contact the office: (918) 449-3300


Human Resources Office Hours are Monday-Friday From 8:00a.m. To 5:00p.m.


Donna Schenk –

918-449-3300 ext 3038


Agent Testimonials:


“I like working here because I get to minister to the callers, sometimes even praying with them. This has really helped me prepare for the ministry. I am also bilingual and like the variety of different calls. Here at MicahTek, we serve others and help them fulfill their potential.”


– Brenda C.


“I chose to work at MicahTek because it is a Christian company that values their employees and their clients. MicahTek allows me time to spend with my family and continue my education. I enjoy working for MicahTek because it allows the Lord to use me, to minister to others in many different ways.”


– Martine B.


“Great social environment and friendly staff that works to really help you be the best agent you can be. I went from knowing nothing at all about call communication to having 97-100 percent QC scores in a little over 3 months!!”

– Justin T.


I’ve worked for MicahTek over 12 years….and enjoyed every minute. There is always something new each day that keeps me on my toes. The opportunity to grow with the company is there if you work hard and apply what you’ve learned. The management team in every department is warm and friendly and always willing to help with any questions you may have.

– Jackson H.

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