MicahTek is recognized as the service industry leader in offering full-turnkey solutions.  Our unique environment offers a powerful centralized solution with integrated applications while utilizing innovative state-of-the-art technologies.  MicahTek serves as the customer service center for non-profit and for-profit organizations through the many outsourced business solutions we provide.

Call Center

MicahTek truly understands the importance of your calls.  We make every effort to ensure your customers experience the excellence that has made MicahTek the industry leader in call center services for over 30 years. We maintain an impeccable reputation that reflects not only our commitment to our core values but also our high standard of excellence to the organizations we service.

Your incoming calls are answered and handled swiftly and skillfully by operators by our phone answering service.  Our operators are carefully selected and trained, knowledgeable about all of your organization, your products, and special events right at their fingertips.

Using advanced telephony software, our operators immediately recognize and correctly respond to each of your calls, answering each call with the name of your organization and your authorized script.  Furthermore, our automated call distribution software enables MicahTek to process more calls by evenly distributing them among our agents so each call is appropriately handled in sequence.

Outsourced Call Center Solutions:

  • 24x7x365 Support
  • IVR Services
  • Call Back Features
  • After Hours and Overflow Services
  • Orders, Subscriptions, Pledges, Event Registration

Our mission at MicahTek is to be an extension of your organization by providing world class customer service to your customers.  Ensuring our clients are successfully building their organizations and serving their customers is the reason we deliver the best and most responsive service in the industry.

MicahTek understands the cost it takes to obtain a new customer versus the cost of customer retention.  Our clients’ trust us to serve and keep customers for life by developing a long lasting customer relationship.

We are not finished after solving original issue.  It also includes communicating clearly in a knowledgeable and responsive method to give the customer the peace of mind they deserve going forward.

Customer Service Solutions:

  • Problem Solving
  • Data Integrity
  • Interactive Customer Communication
  • Declined/Expiring Credit Card Notification

MicahTek is flexible by offering unique outbound calling campaigns that fit your organization needs.

Our outbound agents and management staff are dedicated to delivering the appropriate message to the individual on your behalf.  Whether you need to say thank you, communicate vital information or set appointments, our outsourced call center has the capability to accomplish your needs.

Our trustworthy agents are trained in order to relay the knowledge and expertise you expect on every call.

Outbound Solutions:

  • Surveys
  • Data List Updating
  • Confirmation Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Prayer
  • Win Back
  • Informational
  • New Name Cultivation
  • Fulfillment


Order Fulfillment

MicahTek is an order fulfillment company renowned for accelerated processing and express turnaround. In a culture where customer service and quick satisfaction are vital for your success, MicahTek’s renowned product fulfillment and warehousing division will enhance your consumer relations by meeting all of your fulfillment needs, with services including.

Track your inventory, outstanding orders and shipments from our enterprise level NetView CRM.  Utilize our powerful reports and processes to power your business. Solutions include:

  • 24-Hour order turnaround time
  • Individual and bulk shipments
  • Direct mail, magazines, newsletters
  • Personalized response letters
  • Event registration materials
  • Subscription and pledge processing
  • Online order tracking
  • Database access for client updates
  • Real-time inventory control and reporting
  • Climate controlled inventory storage
  • International shipping
  • Freight forwarding
  • Centralized location saves on postage
  • DVD/CD Duplication/replication
  • EDI Programming available
  • e-Commerce


NetView Reporting

MicahTek’s Online Services and data integration allows your organization to enjoy the advantages of a dynamic and interactive database solution (NetView) connected real-time to your e-Commerce platform NetView Shop! Your customers and supporters are in touch with your organization as data integration functionality is virtually unlimited.


E-Commerce Platform

When using our customer e-Commerce software solution, clients have the capability to manage the entire user experience by controlling settings, CSS style sheets and HTML customized views.

  • Online Shopping
  • Donations
  • Recurring Donations/ Pledges
  • Tax Receipt Records
  • Customer Service Requests
  • Personalized screen formatting for online web pages
  • Event Registration
  • Order Status and History
  • Account Transaction History
  • Name and Address Changes
  • mp3/mp4/e-books
  • Responsive Design for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, etc.
  • Information Management

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CRM Database Management

MicahTek professionally manages your customer database and member information. Take advantage of MicahTek’s years of experience, successfully partnering with many of the leading organizations in America. MicahTek’s highly trained senior management staff has committed themselves to the fulfillment of your mission statement. Our management team communicates regularly with you, keeping you informed of all activities relating to your account.

Merging incoming mail, phone calls and Internet transactions into a tightly integrated customer database system will benefit your organization tremendously. At all times you will know exactly where you’re at in the processing and fulfillment of your customer and member accounts. Utilizing MicahTek’s secured Internet access you will take advantage of not only being on top of things but provide valuable input in the daily processing of your information.

Managing fund raising programs or magazine and newsletter subscriptions are only a few of the projects professionally managed by MicahTek.

Centralized Information Systems designed to manage client data from multiple input channels resulting in improved service while reducing cost.

The data management center features state-of-the-art computer hardware, custom software, and the most powerful Cloud Business Application (NetView) available. We understand all organizations are unique and deserve special hands-on attention. Be unique! See how MicahTek responds and truly partners with you in your efforts to fulfill your mission.


Mail Processing

Data entry and mail processing departments expedite your data input and output processing, transforming a lifeless mailing list into a dynamic active database with an exhaustive transaction history of every contribution, pledge, subscription, and order on file. Through processing and fulfilling each transaction exactly per your instructions we insure not only accuracy but timely expediency in responding to your customers and members.

CD/DVD Duplication

MicahTek’s CD/DVD duplication approach provides “on-demand” service. This saves you money by not having to produce large quantities at once.  Solutions we offer:

  • High Quality Printing on Disc Face
  • Case Artwork Printing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Variety of Packaging Solutions, Tailored to Your Needs
  • 24 Hour Fulfillment Turn-Around
  • Bulk Duplication Available as well
  • Mail Processing


Data Management

Transactions entered into the database are balanced and audited back to the original deposit and document count. Every piece of mail and every penny of the deposit must balance prior to closing each day. MicahTek’s internal audit and accounting procedures have been reviewed by a major national accounting company and passed with superb marks. Detail transactions entered into the computer system must balance to both the mail batch header records and the daily deposit amount. In addition to MicahTek’s tight internal controls you are regularly informed of the status of incoming mail and output letters and packing sheets.

Senior level management along with experienced account representatives oversee the daily processing of your account. They are in regular contact with your office to expedite and resolve situations which may arise. Directions are followed precisely and customers and members of your organization are always professionally and courteously treated.

If products or daily thank you and receipt letters need your attention, our account representatives are immediately in contact with your office. MicahTek recognizes the seriousness of timely responses and the impact to your organization if customers are uniformed or experience shipment delays.

MicahTek’s internal computer systems records detail information on incoming and outgoing processing. Each daily receipt and product order are uniquely identified. All steps in processing mail and other incoming transactions are carefully identified within the computer software programs.

Digital Services

Existing and future customers are more apt to use their smart phone to access information and process transactions than any other method.  The way you choose to communicate to your demographic will determine whether they engage with your organization or not.

A strong responsive digital presence will attract customers naturally.  Digital communication is rapidly changing the way organizations connect with the world.  Let MicahTek be your solution to connecting your customers into the future. Solutions we offer:

  • Real-Time Text-to-Donate
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Blast
  • Voice Blast
  • Integrity
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

MicahTek maintains the highest quality staff by exemplifying three core values into our workplace environment.

Our Integrity reflects our commitment to always being honest and trustworthy partners to our clients and working to do what is best for your organization.  The high level Service displays how we go to great lengths to be accommodating and flexible in our services to find real effective solutions for our clients.  Our promise of Excellence is the way we deliver the highest quality of customer service from our contact center and professional turnkey solutions for our clients.

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