Picture this, your marketing team has created a great campaign to acquire new names for your supporter list. You begin your campaign and bring in hundreds of names, what now? The possibilities of managing such a list are endless, however an organized approach is always preferable. A new name module, or customer database, is just what you need to sift through all the information you have just gathered from your new supporters. So, what exactly does a customer database do? A customer database is essentially a method of name retention or customer relationship management (CRM). A customer database is useful for functions such as data organization, marketing, and customer relations. Although in days past you were able to manage all the above with a simple spreadsheet, the level of information you are required to manage has drastically changed.

Organizing and protecting the personal information of your partners is important. It is always easier to work in a clean environment than it is to attempt anything in a cluttered one, the same goes for data organization. The more organized and well kept your partner’s information, the easier it is for you to be able to access exactly what you need. Shuffling through random spreadsheets and messy cabinets can be a thing of the past when using a customer database. Spreadsheets offer a passable amount of storage space and a decent level of organization, but they are often difficult to navigate when you need specific information on the fly. Think of it this way, when you hire an assistant, you want them to be organized, right? Why would you accept anything less from the programs you use? Customer databases have built in search engines to accommodate all your search criteria. Using a search engine is much simpler than searching the entire internet page by page for your favorite social media platform. Where chaos abounds, so does danger. Organization creates a safe environment for you to store all of your partner’s information. Accessibility and organization are key to responsibly handling your partner’s information.

Marketing is the language of persuasion, so why not use the information you have gathered about your partners to call them to action? The main goal of every marketer is conversion. Utilizing a customer database, a program full of potential, is the perfect way to market to your chosen audience. Sending letters, emails, or even outbound texts is made significantly easier with a customer database. Instead of manually typing in each name you want to include and sorting through countless lists, a customer database can quickly gather the names so you do not have to. After the names have been gathered, you can tailor a specific message for your audience. A customer database is a helpful tool to get people to take the next step. What it costs up front to acquire a new name is well worth the investment.

Plain and simple, a customer database improves customer relations. If it were not for the letter in their mailbox or the voice blast from their favorite minister how would partners know what is going on in your ministry? A customer database creates a simple and efficient way of connecting your ministry to the people. The most important need for a human being is to be known, and what better person to know them than you? Having a method of reliable communication with your partners makes all the difference. The most responsive people are those who feel valued and known by who their supporting. Engaging your audience lets them know how they can support you and the next step of your ministry. If you are searching for how to increase customer relations, employing the use of a customer database is your next step.

With age comes great wisdom, right? MicahTek has been in the customer service business for over forty years, making known their quality of excellence. MicahTek’s customer database has proven to be a helpful tool for hundreds of clients over the years, carefully crafting a useful and effective tool for ministries. Our passion is helping others to fulfill their dreams and passions by equipping them with the proper tools to be excellent. If you would like to learn more about MicahTek’s customer database and how it could help you, click here or feel free to call us today at 918.449.3300.