Tele Town Hall

Every organization is looking for new interactive ways to reach their audience. MicahTek’s Tele Town Hall phone meeting service allows for a cost effective and powerful platform for the voice of your organization to be heard as well as generate immediate revenue!

Within minutes, you can communicate personally with your donor list. Whether you choose to target a large segment of your database or scale down to a specific group of individuals, Tele Town Hall allows you to interact in a one-on-one style of messaging.

How it works:

  • Rapidly dial your list of phone numbers provided from your database.
  • The selected list receives your personalized, pre-recorded message inviting them to stay on the line if they want to be connected automatically to your live Tele Town Hall event.
  • Once connecting to the Tele Town Hall event, participants have the option to ask the lead speaker questions by utilizing the mediator and transcriber.
  • During the Tele Town Hall event, the lead speaker can request a call to action for the audience to consider.
  • At any time during the Tele Town Hall, a participant can transfer out of the event to connect with our call center to complete the call to action….then return back to complete the event.
  • During the Tele Town Hall event and after it’s complete, you will have access to powerful reporting detailing the results of the call.

MicahTek provides an outstanding, cost effective environment that makes it easy for you to engage in dynamic communication with your audience. Our knowledgeable staff helps manage every piece of your Tele Town Hall experience to ensure a professional and creative forum.

Reach out to a MicahTek team member to learn more about this amazing phone meeting tool that many of our clients have successfully utilized and have increased their revenue.

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