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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organizations use NetView Shop?

This powerful e-Commerce solution works well with both non-profits and for-profit organizations. From ministry to humanitarian to pharmaceutical to books and any other commercial widget. We can do it all.

How much does NewtView Shop cost?

The cost is more affordable than you think! Once you are live you simply pay when a transaction is completed.

What is the timeframe for setup?

Depending on the scope of the project and how many items are loaded into NetView Shop, our expert staff will work with you to launch your NetView Shop experience as fast as possible.

Do you provide real-time payment processing?

Absolutely! NetView Shop accepts all major credit cards, electronic check and PayPal. Whether you have an existing merchant account or need one created….we can help!

What if I need help updating NetView Shop?

NetView Shop prides itself on delivering the best and most responsive service in the industry. You have access to a single point of contact, who personally manages your account. You will not experience the typical 3rd party customer service call center nightmare.

Do I need to be a programmer to update NetView Shop?

Unlike our industry competitors, you are not required to have advanced programming experience to work with NetView Shop.

Do you build websites?

We will work with your designer on the look and feel of your NetView Shop experience.

How do I make changes to NetView Shop?

Your team will be provided with individual logins allowing you direct access to make any real-time or scheduled updates.

Is NetView Shop responsive design?

Absolutely! NetView Shop is designed for smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Can I customize my pages?

Yes! Using our online environment you can create a standard look and feel across all pages or you have the option to customize individual pages.

Is NetView Shop PCI Compliant?

NetView Shop is PCI compliant as credit card security is our number one priority.

How do I integrate NetView Shop into my CRM?

NetView Shop is automatically compatible with MicahTek’s very own enterprise level CRM. However, if you have a CRM currently in place, the NetView Shop transactions are easily imported into your existing platform.

What type of reporting do you offer?

We provide powerful online reporting which delivers real-time summary and detail analytics. You’ll be able to manage income, product purchases, demographics, transaction source, etc.

Do you charge for additional plug-ins?

NetView Shop does not charge to utilize extra “plug-ins”. Every option of our platform is included in the package from day one. This includes modules such as inventory, widgets, registration, customer service, etc.

Can I advertise on NetView Shop?

Advertising on NetView Shop is a great way to get the word out about upcoming events, new campaigns or even product information. With our easy-to-use advertising module, you’ll be able to create and post real-time information.

Can users access their personal information?

Yes! When utilizing the MicahTek CRM with NetView Shop, your users will be able to create their very own account which gives them full access to their personal information. They will have the capability to edit contact information, view order and donation history along with printable year -end tax receipts.

Does NetView Shop provide up-sells and promo codes?

Yes! You can use the up-sell option by specific item or when the user reaches the shopping cart experience. We also allow for the use of promo codes to provide discounts or buy one get one free options, etc.

Does NetView Shop handle event registrations?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a golf event, a weekend getaway or a large conference, NetView Shop can capture all the information, process the payment and provide back end reporting, including data for name badges, seating arrangements or customized swag.

Does NetView Shop offer a multi-pay continuity options?

Yes! Our platform allows creative options for multi-pay scenarios.

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