tarting to market and sell your products can be challenging, but what is often even more challenging is finding a fulfillment company to fit your needs. A fulfillment company is essentially a third-party vendor that fulfills orders for those who do not possess a storage or distribution facility. A fulfillment company exists to reduce infrastructure and logistical costs, helping organizations to focus more on their products. These companies are quite the operation, stretching to include entities such as warehouses, ecommerce departments, and so much more. Among one of the most reputable of these fulfillment companies is MicahTek. MicahTek has been in the fulfillment business for over thirty years, yet remains relevant and up to date on the fulfillment needs of organizations across the United States. MicahTek offers a wide variety of services to fit the unique design of each company we serve.

Location, location, location, right? Where your fulfillment company is located makes all the difference. MicahTek is centrally located in the USA, making it an optimal shipping location for your product. The cost of shipping is increasing every year by an average of 5%, making the location of your warehouse an important decision. Having a fulfillment company that is strategically located provides lower shipping costs for your company and a wider range of shipping options for your consumers. MicahTek is able to provide flexible product volumes at lower costs because of their optimal location. The motto of today’s society is “the faster the better,” making fast shipping a priority of your organization. Delivering your consumers the product they need quickly and for a reasonable price can boost your organization’s reputation as well as order volume.

MicahTek is committed to excellence and seeing your company succeed. Under the umbrella of MicahTek’s fulfillment services, we offer inventory management, CD/DVD Duplication, and warehousing services. The best part about these services is that they are connected. One of the most unique characteristics of MicahTek is that all of our services are under one roof, making each department accessible and interconnected. Our services are geared towards finding the solutions you need for the growth you desire, which often requires multiple departments. The warehouse at MicahTek runs like a well-oiled machine, fulfilling large volume orders on a daily basis. MicahTek plays a major role in coordinating and fulfilling to special event orders throughout the year. From conference to crusade material, MicahTek has sorted and shipped it all. Along with our warehouse, we also offer inventory management services, a must have for any fulfillment company. MicahTek’s inventory services are tightly secured using the NetView cloud base system. Another fulfillment service MicahTek offers is on demand CD/CVD duplication. The amount of product you need is readily available, and easily adjustable to meet the demand you require. Our services are customizable to the needs of your individual organization. The fulfillment company you choose to serve your organization should be there to serve you, not the other way around.

Having been in the fulfillment company business for as long as we have, MicahTek has picked up some trade secrets, and created some of our own over the years. While other fulfillment companies offer the same or similar services that we provide, MicahTek remains a uniquely individual company in all that we do. Although we would love to share our, “secret sauce” with everyone, some things are better kept under wraps. Our strength at MicahTek is to help your organization’s mission and vision thrive. Our goal is to help your company grow and flourish, making your success our priority.

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