Mass Text Messaging

MicahTek’s mass text messaging platform offers the most intuitive donor experience. The way you choose to communicate to your demographic will determine whether they engage with your organization or not.

Text message marketing is a permission-based approach to sharing quick updates or promotions with your customers. It’s a great way to share news, updates, thoughts and offers with individuals with whom you have a connection and who express interest in your organization.

The majority of Americans own a cellphone and most use their phone to send and receive text messages. More significant, cellphone users are more engaged with messaging than they are with other digital marketing avenues like email or social media. Furthermore, cellphone users have set their phone to alert them whenever a new text message arrives and almost all the messages are read within minutes of delivery.

Selecting the most effective way to connect is essential to the business of getting things done. Today we are overwhelmed with messages from all different forms of communication, including email, apps, snail mail, social media and more. The benefits of text messaging are hard to overlook and many organizations are choosing this easy and effective way to connect with their customers. Here are five reasons why you should choose MicahTek’s mass text messaging platform.

  • Text Messages are Read
  • Text Messages are Instant
  • Text Message are Personal
  • Internet Connection is Not Required
  • Own Your Audience

MicahTek’s mass text messaging software will allow your organization to maximize the effectiveness of its mobile marketing strategy and greatly increase your brand awareness. Our goal is to make our platform the easiest and fastest way for your organization to effectively reach out to your supporters to promote, inform and encourage.

Let MicahTek be your solution to connecting your customers into the future!

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