Mail Processing and Lockbox Services

Responsive Processing And Fulfillment Of Incoming Mail Will Build The Relationship Between You And Your Constituents.

Integrated Database System

MicahTek’s success lies in handling and processing each and every piece of incoming mail promptly and accurately. MicahTek functions as an extension of your organization. We understand your unique needs and hold to a standard of professional excellence in serving your customers and members.

Your organization will benefit tremendously from merging incoming mail, phone calls and internet transactions into a tightly integrated database system. You will know the status of processing and fulfillment of your customer and member accounts at all times. MicahTek’s secured Internet access will keep you on top of things and provide valuable input in the daily processing of your mail documents.

MicahTek’s Caging and Lockbox Services

MicahTek’s office receives mail via post office pickups, overnight delivery or our carriers pick up the mail from office (if local). Some MicahTek clients secure a Post Office box locally in Tulsa.

Call Center Tulsa Mail Processing

Your Account: Processing & Handling

Transactions entered into the database are balanced and audited back to the original deposit and document count. Every piece of mail and every penny of the deposit must balance prior to closing each day. MicahTek’s internal audit and accounting procedures have been reviewed by a major national accounting company and passed with superb marks. Detail transactions entered into the computer system must balance to both the mail batch header records and the daily deposit amount. In addition to MicahTek’s tight internal controls you are regularly informed of the status of incoming mail and output letters and packing sheets.

Senior level management along with experienced account representatives oversee the daily processing of your account. They are in regular contact with your office to expedite and resolve situations which may arise. Directions are followed precisely and customers and members of your organization are always professionally and courteously treated.

If products or daily thank you and receipt letters need your attention, our account representatives are immediately in contact with your office. MicahTek recognizes the seriousness of timely responses and the impact to your organization if customers are uniformed or experience shipment delays.

MicahTek’s internal computer systems records detail information on incoming and outgoing processing. Each daily receipt and product order are uniquely identified. All steps in processing mail and other incoming transactions are carefully identified within the computer software programs.

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