Inventory Management

Proper Inventory Management Services Are Critical To The Success Of Customer Satisfaction.

MicahTek’s inventory management services include a perpetual inventory software package tightly integrated into the NetView cloud base system used to manage your information.

MicahTek’s database software systems instantly reflect the status of your inventory as orders are entered and processed throughout the system. Backorders are maintained and released daily as product is received.

Inventory reports and other inventory information is available via MicahTek’s secured Internet access. MicahTek will assign your organization specific user codes and passwords so your inventory status is always instantly at your fingertips.

Managing your inventory includes several important factors.

  1. Inventory is maintained directly under the control and access by MicahTek staff. Inventory is stored on location in MicahTek’s warehouse.
  2. Only authorized MicahTek staff and clients have access to the Fulfillment Center and Warehouse. Security systems are activated during non working hours.
  3. Software controls maintain integrity for stock on hand quantities and quantity available for re-sale.
  4. Inventory reports reflect valuable information such as sales quantities, re-order points and backorder quantities.
  5. Active inventory is maintained on picking shelves while inactive inventory is stored in the warehouse and made available when needed.

MicahTek’s user training academy includes classes on managing inventory using the software systems employed through our NetView cloud base system. Although we consistently inform you of your inventory status user training is available and recommended.

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