Information Systems

Our State Of The Art CRM Platform Manages And Processes Customer Information.

Our professional computer systems divisions include software development, networking support, operations, and Internet departments.

MicahTek manages a large variety of both non-profit and for-profit companies. We utilize a cloud-based platform to manage our clients’ CRM online. A major factor contributing to MicahTek’s growth has been the flexibility of our software technology and its ability to implement software solutions quickly and within our client’s budget. Our IS team will convert your existing Database files to MicahTek’s CRM platform ‘NetView’ and bring you on board quickly and smoothly. MicahTek’s Training Academy will introduce and train your staff on the functionality of NetView.

MicahTek will demonstrate how your organization can benefit from integrating your Database to your Website. Customers, supporters, donors and members will conduct their activity and transactions online with you, each and every day!

MicahTek’s software development team will customize a software solution to meet your organizations needs. Following the approval of your projects specifications we will utilize a variety of technology tools that best suits your project. At your request, MicahTek will submit a written customized software proposal.

MicahTek’s ‘in the Cloud’ secure technology platform is accessible 24/7 via the Web. MicahTek’s Data Integration Websites uses state of the art Web browser software to display and update your organizations files.

MicahTek is regularly reviewing its secured network infrastructure to remain PCI compliant. Firewalls and security software are employed to protect your valuable information stored on MicahTek’s data servers.

Your Database is your Lifeline. Let MicahTek translate your raw data into meaningful information and join the many organizations that benefit from our turn-key centralized services. Call us today and schedule a time for a personal NetView demonstration.


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