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By choosing to communicate with your demographic by utilizing MicahTek’s newsletter software will determine whether they engage with your organization or not. Digital communication is rapidly changing the way organizations connect with the world. A strong responsive digital presence will attract customers naturally. Email marketing is direct marketing.

Today, organizations use email as the communication of choice for distribution out their messages. The awareness of spam developed along with email marketing — for some reason, individuals object to unwelcomed email much more strongly than they used to object to normal junk mail. You can e-blast your message, meaning you can send thousands of emails without being called a spammer.

Will my distribution list open my email? You will experience different open rates when utilizing newsletter software. This can differ from one email campaign to the next depending on a number of different variables. Open rates usually range from 10-15%. However, you may see open rates as high as 22%.

Click through rates usually average 1-2%. Open and click through rates are not guaranteed as these data can fluctuate based on many different factors including the message, artwork, subject line and many other variables outside our control.

Let MicahTek be your solution to connecting your customers into the future by utilizing email marketing.


It’s easy to understand why this service provides such a benefit over other forms of marketing when you review the 5 points below:

  • Reduced Time and Effort
  • Real-Time Personalized Messages
  • Segmented Users
  • Test Marketing Message
  • Reduced Overhead

There are many measurable benefits of email marketing over other marketing channels! MicahTek recommends that email marketing be a vital part of your marketing future. If you’re not including email into your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a number of benefits that will increase your overall user engagement for a very low overhead cost.

Work with MicahTek in the coordination and sending out of email campaigns using Mail Chimp. We automatically sync data nightly with MicahTek’s Database system ‘NetView’.

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