Direct Mail Services

Organizing And Segmenting Your File Is Important For Successful Direct Mail Campaigns.

MicahTek’s clients are supported by some of the finest mailing consultants and companies in America. Database information is only as good as what can be accomplished with it. Any information field maintained on MicahTek’s systems may be arranged and formatted for any kind of project.

MicahTek’s Database management software, CMS/NT, supports user definable fields which could be implemented as quickly as it’s decided to do so. Once CMS/NT is capturing the data, it is available to use in mailings and other projects.

Utilizing MicahTek’s in-house letter shop and fulfillment departments mailing projects are often processed internally. Projects too large for our facilities are out-sourced to high volume printing companies capable of supporting larger mailings.

MicahTek’s clients are optionally trained to execute certain queries, or one of our experienced account representative will query the Database and forward the results to you.

MicahTek’s senior Account Managers are available for consultation regarding your Database.

We know and understand your Database. Let’s work together to turn it into meaningful information to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts so informed management decisions can be made.


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