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Micahtek has been the industry leading Tulsa and Dallas call center for more than 30+ years, there constantly delivering the highest quality customer care and support in the industry in strive every day to be better and better. With a commitment dedication to their clients and delivering the highest quality customer service in the industry they say committed to their goal to be the best full-service innovative business solutions provider in the world. Micahtek never closes and they run 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days a year. That means they are available for your customer at any time and any our. By being there for your customer we are actually being there for you and your company to help run more efficient and smoothly. Giving you more time to focus on the important things in your business.

Micahtek is recognized as being one of the industry leading turnkey business solutions. They have a very specialized and unique environment that offers an all-in-one solution for the businesses they represent all the while utilizing extremely innovative software and technologies to help better the businesses. Micahtek serves as the premier tulsa and dallas call center focusing on customer service and hoping to add more call centers in the next few years. They help many businesses throughout the world and they offer many different outsourced business solutions to help those companies grow and expand.

Micahtek knows exactly what it takes to answer your phone calls at the highest level of customer satisfaction, they make extreme efforts to ensure that your customers experience will be top-notch an extremely impeccable. This dedication and commitment to their customers has made Tulsa in Dallas call center based Micahtek an industry leader for well over 30+ years. They have a reputation they have to uphold and they are committed to bring the highest standard of customer service to the organizations that they service.

Micahtek specializes in both outgoing and in going Dallas call centers. As the years ago by they Adding more and more services to better implement help the companies that they represent. Now they offer many different programs and services to their clients and are now a full on outsourced business solutions provider. Delivering extremely high customer service to all their customers all over the world. They are growing every day and want you to join their long list of highly satisfied customers that Micahtek. Micahtek uses the most advanced telephone software in the industry it has the ability to immediately and correctly recognize and respond to all of the incoming phone calls and they will pop up with the name of your organization and your authorized script that was given to Micahtek.

So now we have no reason not to be able to answer each call knowing exactly who they are and how to direct them in the best and most efficient manners. Micahtek also offers outsourced call center solution such as 24 seven 365 support, IVR services, callback features, after-hours and overflow service orders, subscriptions, pledges even event registrations. Whatever your needs may be in this ever-changing business world Micahtek has got you covered. For more information go to www.micahtek.com or call (918) 449-3300 or (800) 303-4436 to get more information on your first month free promotion.

Dallas Call Center | Impeccable reputation.

This content was written for MicahTek.

Micahtek is your premier customer service solution based Dallas call center company in the modern age. Their mission Micahtek is to be a complete extension of your organization and will help by providing extremely high quality customer service to your customers. Their outsourced call center solution 24 7 x 3 65 support, they are available on all days hours for your customers. Their dedication and commitment to delivering the highest and best quality customer service is extremely evident when you first speak with our highly trained and qualified phone operators.

The use extremely stealth software and their operators in Dallas Alston can immediately recognize and respond to the calls for they will have the name of your organization and the ultra script provided by your organization. We can now quickly and systematically transfer funds to the right lines or know where we need to direct the customers to. For over 35 years Micahtek is the best company for high-quality business outsourcing system. They are here to help you through any issues you may give you the ability to be able to focus on your company and grow it effectively.

Micahtek knows and understands exactly what it costs in order to obtain a new customer versus the cost of retaining say customer. Our clients trust us to be able to better serve customers for a lifetime by working on customer relations and building lifelong relationships with those customers that are Dallas call center. Our customer service offers numerous solutions for your clients including; problem solving, data integrity, interactive customer communication and calling customers for declined or expired credit cards. Micahtek is adding new services all the time to better address the issues in the modern business era. Micahtek is offering some unique outbound calling campaigns that could fit your organizational needs to a T and their Dallas call center representatives know exactly how to handle these outbound calls.

Micahtek outbound agents are extremely dedicated and motivated to deliver the appropriate message to your customers on your behalf no matter what the saying is there they can do it. Say you had a grand opening event coming up, Micahtek take care of it. Or say you want to send out the customer thank you for their first purchase in your store, also not a problem Micahtek got that handled. We even have the ability to set appointments, which can be extremely helpful to doctors and other professionals that don’t want to spend all day calling people were paid a secretary to do the tedious work. Let Micahtek automate that for you and get back to your busy life. Micahtek has extremely trustworthy Dallas call center agents in our professionally trained to be able to relay whatever message you want to carry on to your customers.

Other outbound services Micahtek offers are surveys, data listing updates, confirmation services, appointment setting, prayer, informational, fulfillment, went back and informational. Whatever your needs are Micahtek has got you covered and is constantly exceeding all their customers expectations and delivering the highest quality outbound and inbound service calls. The dedication to customer service is what makes them the highest and best in the industry. I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you sign up with Micahtek. They are so sure that she will enjoy the services they offer that they are willing to give you one free month to test them out. So go visit their website www.micahtek.com, give them a call (918) 449-3300 or via toll-free (800) 303-4436. I guarantee you’ll be extremely satisfied when you sign up with the industry-leading business outsource company.