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Hello and welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips, and my content knowledge. I’m your host Jason Hood, so get ready. I’m about to put a little tick in your day. Today’s show is discussing why teamwork is important in making microtech the best call center Tulsa has to offer. And remember, anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, send it to solutions at [inaudible] dot com. That’s solutions at m I, c h t e k Dot com. Or give us a call at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now do me a favor. Close Your eyes, relax your mind and drift off into that. Never, never land picture. This individual agent gets up Monday morning. What do you think? Oh, I have to go to work. I’ve got to take phone calls. Takes his time getting ready.

Moseys along to work. Walks in the door. Super, super, super. No, Call Center Tulsa they get as kind of grumpy. Old Person, walks in, sits down, gets third desk, gets it set up, takes third time. They’re not happy to be there. Why? Because they don’t feel like they’re part of the team. They come in, they do their work, they go to lunch, they do their work, they go home. There is no team aspect, you know, if this is what your call center staff looks like, it’s time to shake it up. If you don’t, bad things can happen and they will happen. I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. Uh, you know, the bad morale when you have multiple agents, they’re not happy. What does it happen? It spreads like cancer. So when employees don’t feel like they’re part of the team, what do they do? They either taught negative or they look for other jobs.

They don’t do a good job until they can find something else they want to move on. They. And what does that do? That keeps that dreaded revolving door? It’s moving, we call it what? Turnover here in the call center always turnover. You don’t want turnover. So, you know, it’s difficult to ask for help when needed is another issue when you have bad morale, um, you know, you may have extra time that we need agents to help. Well, if they’re not happy, what are they going to do? Oh, Call Center Tulsa they’re going to make up an excuse. I gotta go home, you know, I don’t feel well. Whatever, you know, if you need them to do other job duties perhaps in the, uh, the company maybe fulfillment or just data entry, bad morale agents are gonna. Say No, they’re going to come up with some excuse. So another issue with bad morale is, you know, the age and stuff that they don’t feel comfortable asking questions from the leaders, the supervisors, the QC staff.

So what happens is they create their own strategies when it comes to answering, you know, call caller questions or when they’re working through a script, if they have questions, they’re not going to ask those guys to say, you know what, I’m just going to do my own thing. So what do we call that? We call that a rogue agent. You do not. Let me repeat. You do not want rogue agents on the floor. So what are the rogue agent? Do they cause not only bad customer service on the calls because they don’t care. They just want to get through the call and get through the day, but other agency them, which you know, it helps them form that bad attitude. So it causes you a much larger problem for you and the team. You know, you’ve, you’ve seen it. One bad apple wasn’t do it upsets in it.

Rottens the entire barrel. So before we move forward, let’s just take a quick break and discuss how the service that Mike Tech provides is so rare in the world today and so rare in the service industry. If you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa or worldwide. Mike, intech is your answer. Again, Mike had take provides 18 different services. Yes, I said it. A different services again, all under one roof. Several of the services we offer consist of Call Center Tulsa order fulfillment, data management, and our very own ecommerce package. A lot of people compare it to woocommerce or shopify. So if you’re interested in ecommerce, let us know. And you know, when you make that decision to use a text services, you’re not only choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard, you know, if you’re not happy for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and they’ll make it right.

I guarantee it. To learn more about the many services mike detect offers, visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s mic h, t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to discussing why teamwork. Yes. Teamwork is so important in the call center environment. Now, before we broke, I discussed several of the downfalls of not. Let me repeat it, not having a great teamwork environment in your call center. Now I want to discuss just a few ways we ensure a strong team in our call center Tulsa location in our team here does a great job of making sure that everybody feels like they’re part a team. You know, you must not only base your call center success only on call results, but you also need a strong work environment for your call center agents.

You wasn’t them to be excited to come to work and then provide the best customer service on every single call. Just like any team activity, baseball, football, basketball, and. Yes, I’m going to say it. Even cheerleading, do not send any negative remarks please. But yes, cheerleading, they all need to do what to get better. Think about it. What does everybody do to get better in a team sport? It’s practice. Let me say it again. Practice. Are we talking about practice? You know, Call Center Tulsa that’s the uh, Iverson reference their practice during downtime, you know, as individuals. But uh, you need to work as more as a team as well when you practice, whether that’s on the floor or even better yet, set aside training times for the agents to practice together. You know, our call center in Tulsa training makes sure that we make time for agents to train whenever is needed.

You know, we’re open 24 slash seven, three 65. So either that’s early morning, afternoons, evenings, you know, we encourage our agents to train, to review scripts, you know, to ask question. So again, to have a strong team, you must do everything you can to support and build that strong team environment. Call Center Tulsa Here’s a few scenarios you can think about social socializing, okay, well doesn’t everybody socialized when they’re at work? They do, but in the call center environment it’s a little bit harder. So maybe you do a team lunch to get everybody together. When you know, throughout the shifts, pizza, a pot luck, whatever, whatever you decide that team, let’s get everybody together and they get to talking and building a team environment, a game time, whatever it takes to know each other. Now here at Mike attack, our call center does a great job of doing games challenges, uh, you know, the four gift cards or extra vacation or a bonus hours, things like that.

So, you know, our agents and our call center Tulsa location, they’re excited when that happens. And you know, it’s a really great strong team environment here. So again, open floor to questions, encourage your agents to ask each other questions and you know, learning from their peers is a great, great way to build that team environment. And finally, open door environment. You know, agents should feel confident to ask questions, either the supervisors, your QC team director, executives, all levels should be open to answer any questions. Make it easy for them to learn, you know, uh, you don’t want them to feel persecuted when they ask a question, otherwise they will stop coming to you. And then you get that rogue agent. So let me review what we discussed today regarding why teamwork is an important piece of the call center. So the negative bad morale, you do not want that in your team, you know, you don’t want them.

The agents are afraid to ask questions and you definitely do not want the rogue agent or agents out there. So how do you keep from that? How do you build a good team? Create a team environment, encourage socialization, you know, again, potluck, pizza meetings outside, you know, just mix it up. A encourage your agents to ask questions to a month of each other, um, you know, and also open door policy come to you as a, a leader asking those questions. So before I let you go, the next time you think of or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike attack and all the information provided today on how to build a strong cost in our team and how it’s so important for your success. And don’t forget, visit our website, Mike Tech Dot com. To learn more about Mike attack or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. You know, go out there and look at our google reviews. You’ll learn a lot about our, uh, our company or different services, our staff, you know, we would love to discuss how Mike content can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth you desire. So join me next time for another exciting episode on Tech Talk. And remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah, tech tech, boom.