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In today’s show, we will discuss how the best have the best call center Tulsa. Offers plays a vital role with other services micah tech offers and remember anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, send it to solutions at Mica Tech Dot com. That’s solutions at m I c h t e k Dot com. Or please give us a call at 800. Three zero. Three, four, four, three, six.

Thank you. Dan. Let me ask you, what is the number one question we’re asked when talking to potential clients in regards to data integration. That’s right. Integration data integration is one of the main concerns for organizations looking to use the call center. The amazing thing about microtech is that we’re not just a call center, but we are your backend office providing 18 different solutions or what you call services.

You say 18,

18 different solutions.

Jason, you’re so right. Even though my caltech has 18 different solutions to offer, the mainstream to capture data is by using our call center Tulsa location. This is where data integration begins. Once we capture the call information, that data is immediately passed to your database here at Mike attack, every client has their own unique database, keeping data secure and clean,

and then you know, using the call center. That’s just where the data journey begins. You know, once it leaves the call center, it goes into our database and it has several different search services or solutions for output. First I’m going to talk about his letter processing or some people call it the acknowledgement letter. You know, that’s the. Thank you Larry. I want to thank you for your donation. I want to thank you for the donation to a specific fund or to a specific campaign. So the way that works is the call center captures the information that process the credit card the very next business day. The very next morning we do a select against the database and the acknowledgement letters print out. It can be different letters, different letterhead, different envelopes, different inserts, whatever the client needs and provides. We can print it out, we fold it, we insert it, meter it out to mail. It goes the that same day, the very next morning of after that call is handled, so that is a. that’s one area of our solutions where the call center data captured ends in an output result the very next morning,

so we can do thank you letters,

thank you letters. You got to have that because if you don’t say thank you, Call center Tulsa the May not give again, so I always say thank you.

What about a new name letter,

new name letters, a welcome letters, any type of letter output processing that you need to sin, we can do

and keep in mind guys, in addition to the letter processing piece, Mike Tech also can do your order processing. Being that Mike had attacks coughenour Tulsa location, we do also have a fulfillment center offering, centralized shipping. Being in Tulsa, Oklahoma plays a huge benefit in that. It gets to your customers very, Call center Tulsa very quickly in route. Great qc processes, so once the call comes in, we process a credit card, we ship out the thank you letter because Jason touched on earlier next day service. We have 24 hour turnaround with our fulfillment center, Tulsa location as well. We can do all your simple pick and packs where you send it out. We also do bulk fulfillment and it is really, really great having that centralized location to ship your products. We got bags, we got boxes, great team back there. Comes in at 7:00 AM, prince, the previous day’s order. They come in, they pick it, pack it, qc it, ship it out the door. Easy peasy.

So Dan, being centralized in Oklahoma, you’re saying it’s cheaper than being on the east coast or west coast. Why is that?

Well, the reason is, look guys, postage is not cheap. It keeps going up. So we’re centrally located. Call center Tulsa It gets out quicker. It doesn’t have to go from California, you know, up to Seattle. Then down to Dallas, we’re right here in the middle of a smack Dab. Great old us of a and so it gets to our, our customers quicker and they saved money in postage is very important.

That’s an awesome solution. Well, hey, another area where the data captured from your call center goes into your database is your direct mail. Many clients, many organizations, nonprofit, you know, secular ministry, they use direct mail, we all get to direct mail pieces. So with that in mind, the data captured on the call center is very important. It’s vital that we capture the data correct the very first time which might get tech is known for great data capture, cleansing, keeping it in order, so that way when you produce your direct mail, you know your, your agency or yourself, the client goes out there and they do a select, they select all the data that they want to send out a merge that data as everybody knows to your letter and they print it, they mail it out. So the direct mail side of it is so important because you don’t want to be sending to bad addresses, Call center Tulsa you know, you don’t want, um, you know, the information being going to the wrong individual. So that’s where our integrity, our data integrity in the call center plays a vital role in regards to your direct mail,

always staying in front of your customers. That’s where Mike, it takes, drives leading into that one. Also, Call center Tulsa talk about kind of back with the order fulfillment piece is our CD, DVD duplication solution that we provide for our clients or Jason, have you had a CD, DVD duplication on demand?

Uh, I believe so. I think Mike Hitech is the only organization United States that does that. Is that correct?

That is correct. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Look, we do it on demand. What I mean by that is you do not have the time of calling a CD, DVD duplication company. And I say, oh, we can only do a run up to 5,500, 1000. You know, when you only have an order for maybe 30 or 40 slash 50 cds. Guess what, now they’re on the shelf collecting dust. No one will ever hear it, sell it,

and that’s money on the shelf, right? Right. Because every product is money.

You do not need that in this day and age, 2018. So we deal with CD, DVD, duplication on demand. Our clients simply send us through their master cd or DVD, send to see artwork. We create them, shrink wrap them. We have lots of different case options anywhere. Premier clam shells to your 10 disk sets, Call center Tulsa uh, and we will ship them out next day. Again, 24 hour turn in case you guys were wondering, man, that’s where we, uh, we, uh, really get with our customers and help them save money and get it right to the customers quickly.

They, that’s another awesome solution. And you know, I want to continue discussing this, how our call center at Mica Tech will improve your customer service experience in just a few minutes. But first we want to take this opportunity to tell you how to contact Dan or myself. If you’re in need of a call center.

Again, if you’re looking for the best call center Tulsa has to offer, Mike could take is your answer search no more. We will be able to handle all your orders, donations, prayer request, customer service registrations, plain old information type calls. When you use my content services are choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and they will make it right. I’ll say it again. If you are not happy for whatever reason, contact one of us and we will make it right and to learn more about our call center or any of the other services might get tech offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c h t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to how mike can text. Call Center helps improve your customer service.

All right, Dan. Well, before we broke, we discussed for different services that Microsoft has to offer where our call center plays a major role in the process and have your data and ultimately your customer service. So next I want to talk about our digital services. Again, this is the back end, another output service. You know, you as a client, we’re going organization loves us in the emails. You’d like to do a text blast, may you want to do a voice blast. My tech can do all that for you as far as the email. We don’t do the eblasts itself, but we we sync with mailchimp where the data’s talking back and forth every night, which is an awesome solution. Call center Tulsa The text blast and voice blast again, we can do that for you. A very affordable and that’s where again, the call center comes in. We do a voice blast, maybe you say call my one 800 number or press one to connect. That’s where our call center solution is vital for the back end, for your voice blast. So that’s some more solutions there.

And the tie on with that. With the digital services, I want to talk a little about our tele town hall quickly. You’re doing the email, you’re doing the text blasts, voice blasts, you’re answering phone calls, so now we come in and you have a nice list of individuals. You can do a tele town hall. Let’s say you have a new book, new product coming out will blast out a voice blast inviting people to tune in. Let’s say 7:30 PM on a Tuesday night. They will call in, they will listen to you speak about whatever you have to say, whatever the book is, and the event, uh, individuals that are listening can actually dial in, leave a question, we’ll transcribe that question that we can drag them into the call. They can be then connected to our call center to give a donation, purchase a product. It works really well.

Yeah, I know a lot of clients have used it and it’s very happy Call center Tulsa there’ll be a podcast about that coming out.

So you’re absolutely well. Hey. Another reason why Mike Tech is concerned, the best call center Tulsa has to offer is we have an outbound solution as well. Those kind of go hand in hand with our call center. So right now we uh, we don’t do any fundraising for the outbound, but we do appointments setting. We do a welcome outbound. Thank you for joining and thank you for giving a near the field. Good type outbound. Where is there any prayer requests we can pray with you about things of that nature. We will be in the, in the fundraising outbound realm very soon, hopefully by the end of this year. So stay tuned and pay attention to. We’ll let you know when, when we’re ready to raise some funds for you as well.

Absolutely. We’ll have a podcast about that as well. Next step is our data analysis. You have all these great calls, all these great transactions. Now what this is where our data analysis and our powerful netview reporting platform come into play. We have everything from a core stats report where this is the vital information, your snapshot, the pulse of your database, how it’s performing. We also have a great segmentation report, multiple segmentations report the health of your database where the partners are moving to and from and lots of great weekly and monthly reporting capabilities as well. Make sure all the balances are closed. Day to day processes are complete. All these to keep that train moving and get to where you need to be and continue to grow.

Absolutely vital. Well, Dan, what did we learn today?

Today we learned how Mike a text call center plays a vital role in many services. Mike at tech offers.


we learned about acknowledgement letter processing.

Absolutely. Call center Tulsa We learned about order fulfillment.

We learned about CD, DVD duplication.

We also learned how important direct mail is when it comes to your call center data capture.

Don’t forget digital services,

tele town hall,


and finally data analysis.

So the next time you think or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike Attack and how our call center plays a vital role with all other services we have to offer. Before we leave you today, remember, visit our website, [inaudible] dot com or call us at 800. Three, zero. Three, four, four, three, six. We went along to discuss how my kid tick and partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth you desire.

Well, then I will let our listeners know. Join us next time on tech talk when we discussed the top six things you should look for when choosing to outsource their call center. This is very important. You learn some vital information before you make that decision to to outsource your call service or join us next time. So before we let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah, tick, tick, boom.