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And welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips, and Mike and Technology. I’m your host Kristine Bell, Call Center Tulsa director of client services. So get ready. I’m about to put a little tech in your day today. Show we will be discussing a case study about one of our clients and how they use our many services that help make the best call center Tulsa has to offer. Now, many listeners wonder if our other clients are like them or maybe interested in other services other clients like them may be using. No. Remember Mike attack has 18 different services and that’s from call center fulfillment, ecommerce, data management, and much more. Now there are other listeners maybe wondering if they’re using my contacts, call center, Tulsa, location or not. Now remember, anytime you happy topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, send it to solutions at Mica Tech Dot com.

That solutions at m I c h t e k Dot com. Or give us a call at one 800. Three zero. Three four, four, three, six. All right, well let’s get started today with our case study. Um, this client that we’re talking about today is from the center, the United States and they are a large client. Call Center Tulsa I’m with over 1 million partners in their database. No, this is a ministry organization that we’re discussing and they’ve been with Mike attack for over 12 years now. I have been helping them personally and for the last five years and it has been an absolute pleasure to be assisting them and helping them grow and fulfill their call to God. Now, right now they are full turn key meaning they use almost all, if not all, all our services have that Mike attack does offer. And again, we do offer 18 different services under one roof here now when they first started at Mike attack, when they first became a client here at Mica Tech, we did only call center for them. And over the years has started adding different services from, I think we went from call center to fulfillment to let her fulfillment. And um, then we went pretty much everything else after that. And then they converted the database and ecommerce and mail and customer service. And you know, everything here is under one roof and we really are an extension of their ministry and work very closely with them.


some of the things that we have done over the years to help, you know, Call Center Tulsa help them save money as they are quite a large ministry and costs can get up there in price. Um, we have reduced rates for them and with their volume, especially their call volume is very high. We have a lower rates for their per minutes and we’ve helped them consolidate some letter printing for their receipts, you know, where they go once or twice a week instead of every day. This helps role donations that people may be making several times a week into one lump sum for them to receipt ad in. It saves them printing and postage as well as a supplies for those letters. We also have helped guide some of their ivr instead of going to agents, you know, things that can be handled, you know, they just need an address or they just need a quick phone number to get in touch with the different department or something.

We had a robust Ivr prompter for this client to assist them in with a handling calls that may not need to speak directly with an agent and just maybe a quick call for the color. Also, we’ve developed some different routing options for them to be able to handle not just repeat callers, but a possible, uh, after hours if they go, if we transfer back to their office for any reason of thirds, Call Center Tulsa they’re out of the office at that time. We have after hours transferring and hours for their lines and things that we route in change depending on the time of day. That also helps them save some money on minutes with the agents and in really consolidates a lot of their calls and just certain time periods to help them, you know, make sure reporting is there when they’re there and they need it.


some other things that we’ve done to help them increase revenue. Uh, Call Center Tulsa we started doing town hall. This is something that every client that has started doing it as absolutely loved, they get really in touch with their partners and get in touch with the people one on one with it, their, their main contact with the minister, with their, what their staff that are there and they’re able to connect with them directly and in it has been a huge success with the tele town hall and connecting to the call center in Tulsa and being able to connect that in, fundraise right there on the spot and get back to a meeting. It’s an incredible, um, we’ve encouraged, you know, some of the uses of our customer service team to reach out to partners, uh, possibly credit card declines if on their partnership payment to reach out to, to let them know, not only let the partners know, but also to see if there’s another method of payment.

Wait, we brainstorm, you know, every month together within the see what else? Not only can we cut costs for them or to help them fundraise in the fact of what can we do or what strategic plan can we have to help push their partners to get what works, what doesn’t work, Call Center Tulsa what’s what’s bringing in the most, what product is the best for them, what is making you, you know, what airing is doing the best for them or this. Now, let’s take a quick break from this awesome case study and discuss how all the services mike provides is so rare. Mike attack does provide 18 different services all under one roof. So if you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa location, um, nationwide or even worldwide, Mike attack is your choice. Now again, Mike attack provides 18 different services from call center and fulfillment, ecommerce, data management, and much more all under one roof.

It’s your one stop shop to excellent service. And when you use Microsoft services, you’re choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputations are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for whatever reason, Call Center Tulsa um, contact one of our team members and they’ll, we’ll make it right. We will always do and to learn more about the many services Micah tech offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com and that’s m I c h or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to learning more about this very well known client and how Mike a text help save them money by increasing revenue. Now we just left off by talking about, you know, some of the ways that we help save them money and how we were helping them increase revenues and how this client and how they partner with the best call center.

Tulsa has the offer and you know, we. The client is very, very close knit with us. We do communicate on a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis for not only strategic planning but data management and to make sure everything is going that the way they need it to go well. Everything is looking the way they want it. The reports are looking good. The data is looking the way they need it to the, you know, when we ship out a special event orders for them, they’re getting to where they need to get it. They have to be coordinated with the, not only with the venue but the client and that the people that are going from the client to the venue and our team as well as, you know, the shipping company, if it’s more than what a normal say ups would take for us. So there’s a lot of coordination that goes on on a daily basis, not only with, you know, just, just the orders and on that, but that also there a call center and their projections and their inventory and they’re just all around their ecommerce.

So going with their programmers and they’re their web people that, that were constantly in contact or helping them. We’re always there if they need anything on call one on one if they need us, they absolutely love that relationship that we have with them and they cherish it just like we cherished their partnership with them. Now, uh, personally I have been to this client to several times in the past to not only do our brainstorm, you know, onsite with them, but to, to just generally, you know, grow our relationship and partnership with information and share information on our side and hear from them and bounce ideas off I’ve ever eat everybody there. And, Call Center Tulsa and you know, a new training needs to be done. It’s always been a lot of fun. They’ve always been very open and generous with us and helping to get, you know, as feel at home when we’re there and we try to do the same when we have clients and partners on site here to make sure that we’re all feel like we’re at home.

But let’s say let’s do a really quick review of some key points in services Mike Tech has to offer that has gone a long way in making microtech the best call center has to offer now. The client that we were reviewing today is of course from the central us. They’re very large, well known client here in the US. And um, they’d been with Mike attack for over 12 years. And then full turnkey and you started out as call center and have grown to a full turnkey, trusting us with their, their data and integrity and their security. So, um, over the years we’ve just grown with them, help them grow and we’ve just absolutely love having them as a client and working with them so closely now. Uh, so next time you think or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike attack and all the information provided today discussing the services and history of a long time part a client partnering with Mike Attack. And before we leave today, remember a visit our website, [inaudible] dot com, or call us at one 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Call Center Tulsa We love to discuss how Micah Tech can partner with you and your organization or provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire.

Join us next time on tech top when we take another case study about a client that uses Mike attack and their Call Center Tulsa and other services. We’d love for you to hear all that. But before I go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah Tech Tech, boom.