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Alright, welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips and Micah Tech Knowledge. I’m your host Kristine Bells. So let’s get ready. I’m about to put a little tech in your day today. We’ll show we’ll be discussing a case study about one of our clients and how they use our many services that help make Mike detects the best call center Tulsa has to offer. Remember anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in future episodes, send it to solutions at Mica Tech. That’s Or give us a call at one 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Now many listeners wonder if clients are like them or maybe interested in services that other clients like them use or may not be using. Are they using microtech call center, Tulsa location or not? Well, friends today I will be talking to one of our managers and Jessica Wings about, um, one of our client case studies. Hi Jessica.

Hi. How’s it going on? Well, now and today we’re going to be talking about one of your clients. Where are they located at? Yes. My client is located in south United States in Texas. So go cowboys now. All right. So they’re, they’re in the southern. How long have they been with Mike attack? Yes. Our client has been with Mike attack for about nine years now, so they’re pretty long standing with us now. Are they what microtech considers I large client. A small client. Yes. I think that they would be considered quite large client. We typically have a pretty big volume where their services are concerned. Good. Now, um, is this a ministry client or non secular? Yup. They are ministry, nonprofit organization. So they are reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Awesome. Now that you said they’d been with

Mike attack at about nine years? Yes. And uh, how long have you personally worked with them? I have personally worked with them for a little over a year now. They were originally with another manager and was transferred to me and I’ve just enjoyed really working with them.

Awesome. Awesome. And um, what services does this client use with Mike attack?

They are mainly their overflow call center. Um, so the call center Tulsa services we provide for them and then we handle a lot of their ivr so that when they have free product offers, we have ivr setup that handles their free product offers and just recently, uh, we are now handling paid orders in donations through their ivr during, after hours. Some. Awesome. Now you say we’re overflow, so that means they housed a call center within them, their own facility. And then how does that work with us? Yes, absolutely. They handle and maintain, um, most, all of their services internally at their location. And we basically are overflow during the day for their customer service. So if they start receiving a high volume of calls at a certain point that their colors are on hold, their lines transfer to Mike attack and we pick up the slack is to ensure that their calls are answered and handled in a timely manner, which makes their partners very happy.

And then also we do overflow for after hours. So if their office hours are generally eight to 5:00 PM, then we handled the nights and the weekends. Awesome. Well that really shows how versatile it can be. We can be their total call center or we can just handle the calls that are overwhelming them at the time. Absolutely. No, no. Call Center Tulsa Over the years I know we’ve more our relationship with them. Can you give me a little information, especially since you’ve taken on the account, you’ve mentioned that Ivr taking orders and donations, um, what else has happened within? Yes, absolutely. So we recently, um, they’ve, they’ve done Ivr in the past where their overflow went to an Ivr which transferred to an agent, but to better handle their after our calls and weekend calls, we created an Ivr only line and this was also to kind of help train their partners to call during eight to five to reach a customer service.

So in those after hours, they’re able to place their orders for current offers. They’re able to give a donation, they’re provided address information if they’re going to mail in a check or money order. And then there are also provided with customer service hours so that they know that they can call back and actually speak with a representative during business hours. We also helped with the service. Uh, we also helped create an, an Ivr only line that’s actually a fail over line, so they have Ivr at their offices and then, um, if somebody has an issue during their ivr process, instead of it going to a voicemail where they have to call them back, it transfers to our Ivr so it gives them a second opportunity to try and capture that free product order and um, and we’ve helped them out

that way. Awesome. Awesome. Well, let, let’s take a quick break from the very awesome and interesting case study that we’re talking about and um, discuss how all the services Mike and tech provides is not only rare in the world today, but also we have 18 different services from call center fulfillment, ecommerce, data management, and more, all on an under one roof. This is so if you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa location nationwide, even worldwide, microtech is your choice when you use tech services, you choose to work with a company whose core values and reputations are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for what other reason, contact one of our team members and they will make it right to learn more about the many services microtech offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c a h t e

Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to learn more about are very well known client and how Micah Tech helps them save money by increasing revenue. And now when we left off, we were in. Just completed the discussion about the Ivr is and how that helped them, you know, service their partners better. Let’s continue. How about how the client and how they’re partnering with the Best Call Center Tulsa has to offer. Now, recently they started using the Ivr. How does this client feel about Mike attack

this client? Um, they said that they are, that my ca tech is always very responsive to any need that they have, um, that microtech treats their customers with the same care and respect that they do at the ministry. And they said that we, uh, Mike Tech always proactively communicates with them about any issues that may arise just to ensure that their customers have a good experience. And they do, they are highly recommend Mike attack. They have already given my contact’s name, you know, to another procedures ministry and it’s reached out to us and they just truly recommend, they said if you’re looking for a great call center solution that for your nonprofit that they would definitely recommend call center Tulsa

to you. Uh, so now, uh, I know Ivr is a huge cost saving items that we helped many different ministries and organizations with a, uh, how is there any other call of cost saving things that we have done to help cut the cost on their ministry side?

Yes, absolutely. You know, with setting up this Ivr only line for the fail over line, it actually has helped not only increase revenue for Mike at tech, but also for the ministry. Um, we have noticed that their call volume doubled on this Ivr only line compared to what it was before and because of that, uh, we worked out a, we worked out with them a cutting their cautious a little bit on the permanent rates and because the more volume you have, you know, the more expensive it can be some time. Call Center Tulsa So we worked with them, cut their permanent rate, but at doing this it’s also helped increase their revenues with the ministry so they’re able to bring in more income because they’re able to help catch those calls that would maybe be missed. And uh, so we’ve just been glad that we’ve been able to bless them and they have also blessed us.

Awesome. Awesome. Now, um, do you have any personal stories that you’d like to share about this client?

Well, since you, I’m this, you know, serving this client has just been a blessing to me personally. Um, I’ve actually followed this ministry personally for, for several years. Honestly, the minister I’ve known about him since I was a kid. He was a part of some, um, some organizations that, um, I just really enjoyed as a kid. So I followed him, you know, growing up through the years. And so it’s just been an extremely awesome opportunity to be a part of a very small minute part of, Call Center Tulsa of the ministry that they’re a part of and what they’re doing and the fact that on the business side of things, you know, sometimes with ministries, people question the morale or, or what, how they operate behind the scenes, their integrity. And that is one thing with this particular ministry that on their business side of things, the message that they are speaking to their partners truly is how they operate behind the scenes. And they, it is just great to see that there are 100 percent real, um, you know, they’re just humans like we are, but they also, um, they just, they love Christ and they always try to portray Christ and all that they do. And that’s just have a very big testimony to me.

Awesome. Well, Jessica, I want to thank you again for joining me today to talk about one of our clients that have chosen to put their trust in Mike attack. Let’s do just a quick review on many key points and services. Microtech has offered that has gone a long way and make making my Gtech the best call center Tulsa has to offer now. This is a large client in Texas, right as they, we have partnered with them for nine years. Yes. And um, we are primarily call center overflow, but do Ibr and just to help them with all their partner needs on the voice side of this. Right. And now we recently added the additional Ivr and help cut the cost by cutting some rates for them. And it helped him increase productivity with the calls coming in. Yes. And then they, they feel the same way about.

We feel that with them and they love working with us and we absolutely loved working with them. That is totally true. Perfect. Well thank you again Jessica. Um, so next time you guys hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike, attack in all the information provided today discussing the services and history of a longtime client partnering with Mike. Attack now. Before we leave today, remember, visit our website at [inaudible] dot com, or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. We’d love to discuss how my content can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth you desire. Now, join us next time on tech talk when we break down a, another client case study. And, um, before I let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah, tech tech, boom.