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Hello everyone, welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips, and Mike had tech knowledge where your host dance desser and Jason Hood. So get ready. We’re about to put a little tick in our day and today’s show we will discuss how mike could. Is it the best call center Tulsa has to offer in regards to improving your customer service experience. Remember, anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, please send it to solutions at Mica Tech Dot com. That solutions at m I, c h t e k Dot com, or please give us a call at one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six.

Hey, Dan’s good seeing you again today as is you. Hey, I want you to imagine this. A scenario where you just ordered the perfect gift for your friend or your wife or whoever and it finally arrives after a few days. You’re so excited. You rip it open. You look inside just to find out that the logo or the item is torn. You know, what type of experiences that Call Center Tulsa you know. One time I was very excited to order some shoes and they came as two left shoes.

Oh No. Two left shoes. That’s crazy. Well, is that because you have two left feet?

Um, my watch says that when we go dancing or play basketball.

Oh, so you all over the place? I am. Gotcha. Well, hey, you know, you dread calling the customer service line because you know it’s not always a pleasant experience. You know, unfortunately the customer service industry is not always an easy one to be in. Regardless of how much people may dislike talking to difficult customers, someone must take care of them. A great way to improve your customer service is to consider hiring an outsource customer service provider. Outsource customer service is when a specialized company such as our call center Tulsa location, carries for your customers purchasing an informational needs.

Jason, you’re absolutely right. There are many ways outsource customer service is beneficial to your organization or company. And among the top three are convenient for your customer. Knowledgeable service and efficient communication. Yeah.

Oh, okay. Those are pretty. Those are three big important things. Call Center Tulsa So let’s just repeat that for our listeners.

Yeah, definitely. The three are convenience for your customer, knowledgeable service and efficient communications. You know, we live in a way I want it now. Society where we’re very robust and, and straightforward communication is the key to being successful these days. You don’t want to call centers are a useful tool and they have the potential to improve your customer service and make your company stand out.

Yeah, you’re, you’re so true there. You know, every client microtech works with makes it very. That the heart of a company is, it’s customer satisfaction. Jason, I need you to say that again. All right. Here we go. Listeners, the heart of a company is their customer satisfaction. You know, that minds me of a story. I just encountered a last weekend, you know, we had that great visit to the mall, you know, it goes a little bit of school shopping for my, uh, for my youngest daughter and we show up to the store. They’re in the mall traveling, you know, 15, 20 minutes fighting traffic. I hate the traffic at the mall here in Tulsa. But um, we get to the store, they advertise this fall line, we get in there and we say, hey, we’re looking for this, this and this. Oh, we don’t put that line out until Sunday.

We’re like, Oh really? Oh No, we gotta come back. We got to fight the traffic. But you know, Call Center Tulsa the manager came over and said, you know what, get on my ipad here, check mark what items you want. I’ll go down to our storage all, dig it out, tell me what size you need. And we’re like, we were just blown away. So she left. It took her about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. But she came back with every single piece of clothing that we were looking for. She dug it out of the boxes, do crew the correct sizes, gave us 40 percent off because that was the sale for the following day. And so, you know, that is great customer service. So we were blown away.

That’s true. I love it.

You know, and you know, customer service satisfaction, this is directly related to the level of customer service to call it receives, you know, a quality call center. Tulsa or elsewhere is a great asset to any company. You know, a call center provides one of the greatest commodities of the modern world. Can Be lenient. Yes. Call Center Tulsa Can Be lenient. Everybody needs convenience, right? Correct. You know, in our shake, in poor microwave and drive through society, everyone wants to service at the drop of a hat.

Jason, you’re right. It’s, I want it now. I want it right the first time. I don’t want to wait. They don’t get it now and it’s not right. They’re going to go somewhere else. Absolutely invoke. We will continue discussing how outsourcing your call center to Micah Tech will improve your customer service experience in just a minute. But first we do want to take this opportunity to tell you how to contact Jason or myself. If you’re in need of a call center. Again, if you’re looking for the best call center Tulsa has to offer Mike Hitech is your answer, please search no more. We want to help you. We will be able to handle your orders, donations, prayer request, customer service, plain old information type calls, registrations, whatever you need,

and you know Dan, when you use market tech services, you’re choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard, and if you’re not happy for whatever reason, contact of our team members and they’ll make it right guaranteed. To learn more about our call center or any other services microtech offers, visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c h t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to how Micah texts call center helps improve your customer service. You know, Dan, before we broke, we just started talking about the benefits of outsourcing your call center.

Thanks Jason. That’s right. Outsourcing your call center service can provide that on the spot service to your customer base through our Mike. It takes 24 slash seven. Call Center Tulsa experience.

Sorry, 24 slash seven. I know we covered this a few podcasts ago. Buys, want to make sure for our new listeners, are you saying Mike at tech is open 24 hours a day? Seven days a week? Never close. Okay. I’m, I’m, I’m doing this again. How about Memorial Day? Open A. Okay. New Year’s Day. You know everybody’s watching football buddy. You know they’re tired from the night before. We have to close, right?

We will handle your calls.

Alright. And then the big one again. Christmas.

Christmas. We will be here. Uh, we will be here with bells on taking your phone calls. Shark Week. Call Center Tulsa We’re taking your phone calls. Opening Day. We’re taking your phone calls anytime. Twenty four slash seven slash three slash 65.

All right, thanks Dan. Back to you.

Outsource customer service providers also employ the best of the best for the express purpose of helping cast your company’s vision to each customer who calls in. That’s so important. Say it again. Our shores. Customer Service provides employee the best of the best for the express purpose of helping caster company’s vision to each customer who calls in. So if your company is trying to provide quality customer service, a website, we’re an automated system, should not be your catchall personal touch of human interaction is what brings people back to places they might not otherwise go.

So wait though. So then you’re saying have a personal touch. So when someone calls and they’re upset about customer service, you’re saying it’s not a good thing to have a voice mail available. You want someone live?

Yeah. Call Center Tulsa You need that live interaction.

That’s a novel idea.

You want that personal touch. You want them to have a great experience, a great experience overall because guess what? If not, they’re going to go somewhere else.


Outsource customer service also provides everything your customer would need at just a phone call away.

Well, Dan did you know that Call Center Tulsa there’s a common saying that goes around. The customer is always right.

I’ve heard that before, but repeat it back.

The customer is always right. You know our business, our business is about the customers we serve. So why not give them the best? Providing knowledgeable call agents and customer service representatives is important. Mike detect, provide skilled call center agents by hiring the right agent for your businesses needs. Call agents are trained to know how to answer questions about your organization and make customers’ desires microtech and scale the amount of call agents available to your needs, making your business a priority.

So important, Jason, that flexibility, you know, it could be a seasonal project, seasonal, uh, you know, ramp up for the Christmas hits where you need that extra help. You know, calls are coming in, orders are going out. It’s very important to have that scalability. They’re available,

absolutely. We have the staff to do it for you. So

Jason, as you know, are enthusiastic. Call Center Tulsa agents can add the personal touch that will make the customer keep coming back. Let’s face it, there’s choices out there and customers are constantly searching for the next best thing, which is why excellent customer service is imperative. Technology is amazing, but customers are looking to be heard by a real person and have a one on one interaction with someone who can take care of them. Outsource customer service is all about taking care of your customers at any time of the day. They need assistance. The customer wants an empathetic voice, not an automated one.

Yeah, that’s funny. You know everybody has had that issue with their credit card statement. You know, when you get your bill and you go, Whoa, I’ve been doubled. Triple charged, or what is this charge? I have no clue who it is is a fraudulent. So what do you do? You get on the phone, you’re frantic, you’re call and you know every now and then you’ll get that, that customer service agent from the credit card company that could care less. They’ve had a bad day. Sure. Let me put it in your work order or whatever. How’s that make you feel?

Impatient does not feel like I don’t feel important.

You haven’t been observed. Right? But then you get that, Call Center Tulsa that agent that is warm, kind, helpful, you know, they go above and beyond, they understand your pain that you’re dealing with and they want to help you. And you know, that goes a long way with serving your customer. So. So Dan, you cannot be more right when you say that customers want and empathetic voice, not an automated one among many things. Customers are looking for excellent service and efficiency. You know, everybody says time is money and efficient service is in high demand. Imagine you’re at a fast food drive through and you know you’re, you’ve been waiting in line for over 10 minutes.

You know, it’s called fast food for a reason.

Oh, that frustrates me so, so much. You know, you have visually look up from your phone. Everybody gets on their phone, they see that that’s what’s going on in the world. You know, you look up and they see that the is not even moved at all, but you still cannot see the service window. Your stomach grumbles 4 million of time and you’re not happy. This is what it can be like on the other side of an inefficient phone call. You tap your foot to the tune of the elevator. Music while you were out of your mind is burning for answers, wants to call. The agent is able to get your call. You’re beyond upset at this point in the interaction. It’s going to be difficult to reel the emotions back in and lead the call. Call Center Tulsa Happy customers should never, I say, never have to reach this point by context. Efficient call center reduces the wait time. It increases customer satisfaction or call center agents do an excellent job of scaling their staff to our client’s needs so their customers never have to wait. Efficiency can be improved with a multitude of different methods, but the number one method of improving a call center is hiring an outstanding outsourced customer service provider. Mike, attack. Consistent customer care is the goal, and Micah text call center staff will give you just that.

No doubt. Thank you for that, Jason. So folks, what did we learn today? Top three reasons Mike, attack can improve your customer service. Let’s go back. Number one, convenience for your customer. Number two, knowledgeable service, and number three, efficient communication.

Absolutely. So the next time you think of or even heard of the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Micah Tech and how we can improve your customer service experience.

Before we leave you today, remember, visit our website, [inaudible] dot com, or call us at 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. We would love to discuss how Mike had tech, can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire. And please join us next time on tech talk when we discuss how Mike a text call center plays a vital role with all the other services we have to offer. And before we let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Mike, uh, tech tech boom.