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Hello everyone. Today’s exciting show is discussing how the Mica texts client service department works hand in hand to help Mike detect become the best call center Tulsa has to offer. Now remember, anytime you have a topic question, maybe some feedback on the podcast, just want to simply say hello. Please send it to solutions at [inaudible] dot com. That’s s o l u t I o n s at Mica Tech Dot com. Please give us a call also at one, 800. Three zero, three, four, four, three, six.

You know, Dan, it’s very important to know how different departments at microtech operate in relation to the call center and the handling of our clients outsourced phone calls.

Jason, you’re absolutely right. So without further delay, we want to give a very warm welcome to a very special guest to the show. Mike had texts, very own client service director, Mrs Christine Bell. Whew. Yeah, Christine, welcome to tech talk. Thank you. Let’s jump right into the questions so that our listeners can better understand how the Mike it texts client services department works with the best call center Tulsa location or anywhere else on the map. So Christine, question one for our loyal listeners out there, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your history with Micah Tay.

Well, like you said, I’m the client service director here at Mike attack. I’ve been at Microsoft for eight years and I started out as a call center agent and worked through different departments and now I run the client service department and love it here.

So let me ask you this real fast. You said eight years different departments, what different departments have you worked with, Mike?

I’ve done the call center Tulsa, the mail department. I’ve done a support it supports and then I was also a client service rep and a client service manager.

Wow. So you’ve pretty much seen and done everything here at Mica Tech?

Pretty close and I think you see a listeners as we. We’ve had these guests on a lot of longevity with our employees here, or our manager team is well seasoned, very knowledgeable on all aspects of the service and so you’re in great hands.

Exactly. So Christine, how many team members make up your client service team?

Well, there are nine of us, including myself. We’ve got four managers for reps and then of course myself, the director and we service all our clients between all of us.

Wow. So all of the mica tape clients or service by your team only.

Well, no, we all work as a team with the company, Call Center Tulsa but our team drex everything through the client’s, through us, into the other departments.

So go ahead.

Having said that, I think a strong selling point would be a. If we have a new client here, they get an account management team. They don’t have to press one to talk to this person. Press two to get directed to this. Uh, if I’m not mistaken late given direct access to you guys.

Yes sir. They sure are. We are your one contact for our contact team for the entire company

and that’s very important. Dan and Christine, because there are other companies where you may have a contact for the call center, you may have a contact for the direct fulfillment, a contact for the ecommerce side. So here at Mica Tech, Call Center Tulsa it’s very easy for our clients just to know who their team is, makes it very easy for them to to reach them, contact them via phone call, emails like you even show up to their house. Is that right? Christine?

You definitely could if you really want it because nobody wants to hear. Okay. Yeah. Let me go ahead and fill out a ticket. You know, nobody likes that type of customer service there, so we avoid that at all costs.

Yeah, that’s right. All right, back to you Dan.

Perfect. So does the client service team members they work with all the call center accounts only?

Absolutely not. No, we do full turn key on. A lot of clients are individuals services for whatever fits the client’s needs. We do a lot of call center, but we fill everybody in on all the departments in whatever they need we can do for them.

So Mike attack has 18 different services. You’re trying to tell me that your management team knows everything about every service. Yes sir. That’s pretty amazing. That is. Wow. Okay. Well, Christine, many of our listeners may be wondering how the client service team handles all the day to day client needs. I mean, Call Center Tulsa we kind of touched on this earlier. You have a group of four, I guess a group of eight managers and reps that handle all of our clients. How do they do that?

Well, we’re very busy, but that’s good. Uh, we, we work in teams of two and we handled the emails and dispersed to the departments that need to go to. So we worked together with the entire company to help accomplish the goals of the clients.

Okay. That’s awesome.

Thank you. Christine. Now let’s take a quick break from the questions and discuss how all the services Mike and tech provides is really rare in the world today. So if you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa or worldwide, Mike had tech is your choice

and then you’re so right. You know, when, when our clients and prospective clients are looking to outsource their, uh, different services, call center, ecommerce and uh, you know, like I said, e commerce in data management, they’re looking for a company whose values and reputation are held to the highest regard at Mike attack. If as a client, if you’re not happy with any reason, just reach out to us and one of our, our, uh, executive teams or managers don’t make it right for you. Guaranteed. Right? Call Center Tulsa So the next time you want to think about outsourcing your information to a vendor or think of Mike Tech and all the different services we have to offer. Eighteen services under one roof, 18 services under one roof.

How, how much are we? When are we opening?

I think we’re open. Twenty four slash seven. Is that right? I think so ma’am. So we never close.

What about, you know, like Halloween?

No, no halloween. We are open. No, no candy. Alright. So Hey, individual listeners visit us at [inaudible] dot com. That’s mic h Dot Or give Dan or myself a call at one 800. Three zero. Three, four, four, three, six to answer any questions you may have. Now back to Maura with our special guest, a client service director, Mrs Christine Bell.

Christine, thank you again for taking the time to sit down with us and explaining how the Mike, a tech client service team works with the call center. We have a few more questions for you and then we will let you go. The next question is how does the client service department team communicate with what I feel is the best call center Tulsa has to offer in regards to staffing for thousands of calls each day? Well, and we do daily communication

with the call center and the workforce team that schedules all the agents and then we meet weekly to discuss as a team to make sure that we have adequate staffing for all our clients in place for the large hits in the small hits

and everything in between. Nice.

Okay. And Christine does the client service team work with our clients and in the training of call center reports because you know a lot of clients that come to as they say, you know, we don’t either have reports or we don’t know how to run our current reports with our current vendor. They don’t ever train us. We’re kind of left on her own. Is that what you take those or they do something different?

Absolutely not. No. We are all experts in the call center detail report and the summary reports at all the reports that are out there that are available for our clients to see in real time. Our managers and our rep both are very well versed in that in they’re able to help their clients train as soon as they start call center services with us.

So do we train them over the phone? Is that, here’s a manual, you’re on your own. Call Center Tulsa Is it a Goto meeting? Is it onsite training? Is it all the above? How does that work?

Well, it depends on what the client needs. If we are there, you know, close in town and they want to come in and visit, we’re happy to sit with them one on one face to face while they’re here. If they need it over the phone, we can talk them through it if they want to see a Goto meeting and we’d be happy to do that too. It’s whatever the client needs did to get the proper training for this.

Okay, that’s good. That’s to know for our listeners, Call Center Tulsa that’s, could you call good training, good customer service, customer service, great customer service. Christine, last question here, what would you say is the one thing that makes your department great?

Uh, one thing it’s hard because we do so much world all clients, but I say we are all very, very well educated in our own system and that is one thing that makes us absolutely great is we’re the experts for our database for call center, for, for our fulfillment, for support. And it, it’s, we know just about anything that you could need from us to our team knows

good. That’s, that’s good to know as well.

So christy and once again we want to thank you for joining us today and allowing our listeners to learn how the Mike [inaudible] client service department works with the call center.

So then just quickly here, what did we learn today?

We learn how many team members we have and we also learned, does the client service team members work with the call center? Only? The answer is no. They do everything they cover every service Mike intake has to offer how the client service team handles all the day to day client needs.

Yeah. That was very important to to know how they do that. Number four, we learn how the client service department team communicates with the Best Call Center. It also has to offer in regards to staffing for thousands of calls each day, how they communicate within the company to our clients as well. And that’s a lot of calls, a lot of calls.

Number Five, Call Center Tulsa how the client service team works with our clients and their training of call center reports.

And number six, finally we learned the one thing that makes your department great, Christine, is our knowledge knowledge. It kind of goes hand in hand with our theme here at the tech talk, so, so the next time you think or you hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike attack and all the information provided today on how the client service department works well with our call center.

Before we leave you today, remember, please visit our website and Micah Tech Dot com, or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. We would love to hear from you and discuss how Mike had, can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire. And please join us next time for another exciting episode on Tech Talk. And before we let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Mike, Attack Tech, boom.