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Alright, welcome to tech talk where you would get the latest news, quick tips and Mike Tech Knowledge. I’m your host Kristine Bell, director of client service, so get ready. I’m about to put a little tech in your day now. Today’s show we will be discussing a case study about one of our clients and how they use one or many services that help microtech be the best call center Tulsa has to offer

and remember anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in further episodes, send it to solutions at Mike Tech Dot com and that’s, or give us a call at one 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Now many of our listeners wonder if their client, there are other clients like them out there or maybe interested in other services, other clients like them maybe using. Are they using my cutex call center in Tulsa location or not? Well, friends today I will be talking with our client service manager, Shelly Foster, about one of our client case studies. Yay. Welcome Shelly. I had everyone know, she’ll like give us a little bit it information

on the client that we’ll be discussing today. Well they are located in Ohio and they’re fairly large client. They are a nonprofit ministry and um, we, we love having them having them here. Awesome. About how long have they been with Micah Tech as a partner? Currently? They have been a partner with my tech for about 10 years. Ten years. Wow. That’s crazy. And how long have you been working with them as their manager? I have been working within four or five years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Oh, they sound like a lot of fun day where they are now. Um, what services are being utilized by this client currently? Uh, we do. Um, we do chorus call center Tulsa for them and then we do fulfillment product fulfillment. We do on demand duplication. We also are their database. Um, we do their Nav. You shop, which is the s three e commerce donation pages

and we also do their mailchimp sinking. Awesome. Awesome. So you say we do their call center Tulsa and their ecommerce and database. Do we do anything else like partnership programming, anything custom, um, the that we’ve created and helped him find solutions for? Yes, they actually have a very robust partnership program, matter of fact, who we just developed a brand new partnership program for them. Um, that’s table driven, so that allows them the capability of, of plugging in their information that they want to use whatever letters they want to send to the partners or free gifts or um, so it gives them the control and so that way, uh, Mike doesn’t have to do programming every time they need to make a change.

Awesome. So it sounds like we really found a good solution for them that works for them. Well, that’s great to hear. Now, um, what are some examples of Micah texts saving this client? Some money?

Um, well the client and I, we, we currently have like a weekly call every week and just to kind of discuss different projects that are going on with them or if we have it. Any other, any suggestions for them? This client happens to actually be very grateful for any suggestions on money saving costs and we do help them keep their scripting streamlined. Um, I always make sure and give them different ideas of how we can cut their script so that cuts their call center minutes. Um, and then um, Call Center Tulsa we, you know, like with the partnership program her, we discussed it several times and we came up with the best solutions for them and the best savings for the programming costs. Perfect.

That’s great. Um, let’s take a quick break from those very awesome and interesting case study and discuss how all the Microsoft service provides is so rare in the world today. If you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa location nationwide or different or even world would Mike Hitech is your choice. Again, Mike intact provides 18, I said 18 different services from call center fulfillment, ecommerce, data management, and much more all under one roof. And when you use mike a text services, you are choosing to work with a company whose core value and reputation are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for whatever reason with your services, contact one of our team members and they will make it right to learn more about the Mike Tech services that we offer. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com and that’s m I c a h t e or you can always us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now we’re going to get back to shelly and learn more about are very well known client and how Mike Tech helps them save money by increasing revenue and when we left off we were just completing the discussion about different ways that Mike attack was saving them money. Let’s continue talking about your client and how they partner with the best call center Tulsa has to offer. Now

recently you said they did the partnership programming and what are some examples or stories of things that we have helped them do to increase the revenues, not just save the money now have we done any new services that have pushed for and ecommerce and things like that. How have we helped them mold their new pages and get them redefine?

Yes. Just recently, and I’m actually, I, we did just recently at the beginning of the year and this particular client, they actually had two different databases and same organization, just two different databases. We um, we have had made the decision, they made the decision to save money that they would combine everything into one database. So I’m mike attack and then the client as a team together, we formed a plan and made that happen and we combine their databases. So that is gonna save them money in the long run to only have the one on one database. Um, we also, we do a lot of electors for them, which that saves them money. They don’t have to print out and mail paper letters. The letters are very cheap and efficient way to get news out to, to their partners. Um, and um, we always, you know, make sure and let them know, um, as far as like script updates and stuff, they’re really good about sending us, they know script updates in a timely manner and we’re just always conversating about, uh, ways that we can save them money. And, and um, yeah, it’s uh, it’s a good, Call Center Tulsa it’s a good partnership with them

now. How, how is the client feel about Mike attack

and they, they love Mike attack. Um, and they have, I know there’s been a few times in the past where that the team have collaborated over there and they have searched and looked around maybe for another call center or for different database and, and um, they’ve always decided not to leave Mike Tech. Um, they, they love our customer service. They get, you know, great feedback from their partners as far as our call center agents. And I think there’ll be here for the long run. Call Center Tulsa I think so too. They sound like they’re really happy here. And um, so tell me again, you know, they, they really enjoy our customer service here and you’re not just talking our management team that works directly. You’re talking about our entire companies, entire team. Yes. They, you know, um, of course we’re all human. We make mistakes and um, and they do understand that we do make mistakes and, but you know, for the most part they love our call center agents. They love, you know, the softness of their voices when they’re praying to their partners. They love our extra customer service team, how they handle all their partners. Awesome.

Well, I know you really enjoy working with them a lot and do all that. But let’s, um, let’s Kinda break this down. I got what we’ve talked about today. Um, we have, you know, this client from Ohio, there are large clients with us ministry based. They’d been with Mike attack for about 10 years and yeah, Call Center Tulsa Ms Dot Shelly here has been with a managing over their account for five. They are a full turn key and use many of our services and they feel like we’re part of their team as well as I’m a collaborator and a shoulder to cry on. So, um,

next time that you’d think or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa. Remember Mike, Attack In all the information provided today discussing the surfaces and history of a long time client partnering with Mike Tech Now before we leave today, remember, visit our That’s mic a h Or call us and pick up the phone at one 800 at three. Zero. Three, four, four, three, six. We would love to discuss how mike attack can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire. Now, join us next time on tech talk when we break down two or more call center reports. Mike Tech offers in regards to conversions and gifts. And before I let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah, tech tech, boom.