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Welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news. Quick tips and Micah Tech knowledge were your host, Jason Hooded and dance dancer. So get ready. We’re about to put a little tick in your day. In today’s show we’ll discuss the top eight reasons why microtech is the best call center Tulsa has to offer and why you should consider outsourcing your call center.

Remember, anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, please send it to solutions at Mica Tech Dot com. That’s solutions at m I c h t e k Dot com. Or please give us a call at 800. Three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Let’s get started. Jason, as summer is coming to an end and our children are finally going back to school. The weather hopefully begins to. Cool.

Well, I mean I, I. let me stop you right there. I don’t know if our listeners, but it hasn’t been a hotbox here in Oklahoma. Hundred plus for feels like weeks. So I am so ready for fall football. Cooler weather. What about you, Dan?

I agree 100 percent. Come over to Jason’s house crock pot going, watching some football. CanNot wait for once.

So sorry man, I had to interject there. I tired Call Center Tulsa and I’m ready for the kids to go back to school. I know that. Go ahead. So with this coming up, organizations begin prepping for the end of the year, financial push. They do activity for viewing this year’s challenges. Every organization should be asking the same question. How can we improve next year? We end up taking a fine tooth comb to our files. It is not at all who wants to do that? I don’t examine when they do that, they examine all the details, but what if the solution was right in front of you? An increasing amount of companies are utilizing third party contact centers as a way to refine business operations, cut costs, and reduce the amount of stress and inhouse contact center produces. Mike Cutex call center diminishes the amount of what you have to do. It frees up more time for your organization to focus on larger projects and goals.

Now, what do you do? Say they’re Dan. That’s. That’s very important to say that one more time.

It is. I’m telling you, man, I’m Micah, text Call Center Tulsa It will the ministry amount of what you have to do. It frees up more time for your organization to focus on larger projects and goals and focus on what you do best.

So by using microtech it frees the organization up. They don’t have to worry about phone calls, they can just focus on their projects or goals, you know, loving on their partners, their customers, et cetera. Is that right?

Correct. No doubt. And that’s awesome. And you know what? During today’s show, Jason and I will discuss the top eight reasons how mike a text call center helps our clients. So let’s begin. We have a number one here around the clock care as a 24 hour call center, Tulsa business. Mike Tech provides a round the clock care for our customers.

Now let me wait. Wait, you’re saying around the clock like you don’t ever close. We are not, Call Center Tulsa we never close. About Fourth of July.

We are here with fireworks. Thanksgiving, Turkey day. We do have pumpkin pie.

Okay. You have to be closed on Christmas. That’s everybody is closed on Christmas.

Come by on Christmas. Maybe we’ll have some level of betty’s Christmas cookies. No doubt.

Okay. I got. I got bad weather. You have bad roads in Oklahoma. I know that, right?

You know what? I’m glad you brought that up. We’re 24 slash seven, three 65. Uh, several years ago we had a very, very bad ice storm hit the area. A power was out for miles and miles. It was all over the news. People lost power. They lost limbs in our yard. It was complete chaos. But my take, we were up and running the whole time with our generator. It was something that, uh, we’re very proud of here. Oh, the excellent marketing team at my caltech actually went to Walmart, got tons of food, tons of supplies, brought it in here for the agents or was caught, set up a, it was a light in darkness. And uh, we’re very proud of that. We kept taking the phone calls and never went down and people were sleeping here. That’s correct. We have thoughts, uh, you know, charge them rent, you know, we, Call Center Tulsa we did not. Maybe in the future we’ll think about it. That’s good. That’s good. Marketing and sales right there. All right. Sorry. Back to you. Now, not only does a 24 slash seven, three 65 response, provide excellent care for our customers. It also makes your organization accessible at any time to anyone. Never want to miss an opportunity in today’s industry. Being available all the time is less of a luxury and definitely more of a necessity.

Oh man, that’s great information. But Hey, number two, cost reduction. Who doesn’t want cost reduction? A Call Center service means lower costs for your organization. Only use what you need when you need it.

Hold on, hold on. Call Center Tulsa Yeah, so you’re telling me if I have something coming up in September but not in October, you guys can handle that?

Yeah, for sure. You know, we have seasonal clients so we may have them turned on for a month or two and then we shut them down, no cost to them until they come back up maybe three or four months later. So that is where some cost reduction is there

with the high volume times logos.

Exactly, exactly. So hey, you know, letting the microtech call center handle your calls, their needs, everything that eliminates the headache and the cost that comes with employee turnover, equipment upkeep and training agents worrying less about your context and our fees frees up more time for more important tasks. Services are charged on a transactional or a per minute basis that decreases your idle time and lowering your cost per call rate.

Let me ask you, so do I have to hit a certain number of minutes a month?

No, no, no, no. So you. Some clocks. It’s amazing. Some call centers, we’ll call it, we’ll charge you a monthly fee. So let’s say the monthly fee is a thousand dollars and you only had, you know, a 100 calls come in which would have billed you, you know, you say 100, $200, you still got to pay that thousand dollars no matter what. Um, there are some call centers that charge you for queue time. So when a caller calls in and all your agents are busy, Call Center Tulsa the color sitting there and q, you’re being charged as a client. Now, how crazy is that? Come on. Exactly. So here at Mica Tech, we do not charge a monthly minimum. We don’t charge you for queue time because that’s just crazy talk.

Let’s go into number three here. Flexibility and scalability. Other in house call center Tulsa organizations face the problem of scaling their staff for varying periods of call volume. Idle agents mean increased costs for your business with no return. Mike, a text workforce management software allows our highly trained staffing team to place agents in the seats. When you need the calls answered by outsourcing your calls to Mike attack, you will no longer stress overpaying idle fees. My protect. Provide your organization more agents when you need them for major campaigns or even seasonal activity.

Man, that’s good news there. Hey, number four, real fast specialized service industry specific knowledge is a must in the contact center business, which is why outsourcing the mic attack is a tactful business decision or a call center. Tulsa based agents are trained on industry specific standards to handle. Each call they receive meaning your colors are in capable hands at all times.

Man, this sounds like a no brainer. This is all great info. Let’s take a quick break. We will finish the final four reasons why you should outsource your call center to Mike. I taken just a few moments, but first we want to take this opportunity to tell you how to contact Jason or myself. If you’re a native a call center, you know you’re a native one. Give us a call if you’re looking for the best call center Tulsa has to offer Mike Hitech is definitely your answer or search no more. We will be able to handle your orders, donations, prayer request, customer service, or plain old information type calls,

and also when you use mica tech services, you’re choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard. If you’re not happy, for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and they’ll make it right. I promise you that. To learn more about our call center or any of our services microtech tech offers, visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c a h t e Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to how might get text. Call Center helps improve your customer service. Dan, before we broke, we discussed the first four of the eight reasons why you should outsource your call center to Mike attack.

That’s right. Jason, let’s continue on with the final four reasons. Number five, data collection and analysis. Micah Tech provides resources for your organization like data collection and analysis. Capturing and analyzing the data from calls provides information about your callers as well as using information from other campaigns to benefit your business. Multiple clients mean experienced customer service providers for your businesses specific needs.

Okay, Call Center Tulsa well hold on then. I think that’s very important to say that one more time.

Absolutely. Multiple clients mean experienced customer service providers for your businesses. Specific needs.

So what’s you’re saying is because Mike attack has served so many clients over the years that perhaps we’ve experienced a lot of different situations and that it’s probably a true statement that we may not. We hardly ever come up with a against something that we’d never experienced. Is that right? Oh, absolutely. He handled it right away.

Experience. You’re talking over 30 years of experience. We’ve experienced a lot from a to z in the types of calls that we’ve handled. We have our clients back and know what to expect.

Yeah, that’s huge because a lot of clients come through a call center hoping and praying that they had the experience to help guide them instead of a call center that just sits back and lets the client tell them what they need to do. So I think that’s huge. That’s a good point, Dan. Well, hey, number six, team effort. Outsourcing your contact center needs means you have a strong team working for you. Mike, a text experienced team offers script writing, database management, ecommerce in order fulfillment as part of our services to our clients. Being able to do everything under one roof or our clients really puts the cherry on top.

Absolutely. And we have a number seven here, top of the line technology. Call Center Tulsa This is a vital one. You know, here at my content, we pride ourself on having top of the line technology for our clients. This technology has made more affordable because the cost is spread out over multiple client.

Right? Repeat that. It’s a good one.

This technology is made more affordable because the cost is spread out over multiple clients. So just charged to win. Not to you.

Let me stop you right there, Dan. So what you’re saying is that me as a client, I don’t have to pay for all this technology. Like if I outsourced a microtech I don’t have to buy the switch, I don’t have to be PCI compliant, I don’t have to do buy all the equipment that’s needed to operate.

We have all that covered here. That is a, a huge, huge benefit. Uh, everybody knows you have to jump through hoops to get those things done. We’ve already jumped through those hoops, uh, and, and haven’t covered. Excellent. So current technology is necessary when it comes to serving your customers and growing the span of your organization guides. It’s vital.

No. Awesome. Well, hey listeners, Call Center Tulsa finally number eight, knowledgeable call agents who wants knowledge will call ages. I do.

I know down. I don’t want my or go in

exactly. So Hey, preparation time is never wasted time, which is why Mike intake takes the time to properly train all of our call center agents for our client’s needs. Our agents are trained to know the clients they are serving as well as anticipating client needs. Agents follow a script provided by the organization that they’re serving to ensure their tone and demeanor match their desires. That’s important. It is. So. So Dan, Call Center Tulsa before we go, let’s recap the top eight reasons why you should outsource your call center to microtech. Go ahead, Dan.

Number one around the clock care. Okay.

Twenty four slash seven, three 65,


Number two, cost reduction.

Number three, flexibility and scalability.

Number four, specialized service. I feel special. I hope you do.

Number five, data collection and analysis.

Number six, team effort.

Number seven, top of the line technology.

And number eight, knowledgeable call agents.

So the next time you think or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike attack and how we can increase your revenue and save you money. Before we leave you today, remember, visit our website, [inaudible] dot com. Or call us at one 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. We would absolutely love to discuss how Micah Tech can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth you desire.

So join us next time on the tech talk when we discuss how might get texts. Call Center can improve your customer service. So before we let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah Tech, tick, boom. Call Center Tulsa