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Welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips and Micah Tech Knowledge. Where are your hosts? Jason Hood and danced this or so. Get ready. We’re about to put a little tick in your day. Today’s show is discussing to more powerful reports. You’re right. I did say it. Two more powerful reports that help make the best call center Tulsa has to offer.

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You may be wondering what type of conversion or gift tracking report capability there’s Mike at tech have in regards to its call center. Tulsa location. Well, my friends Jason and I are here to discuss in detail to have our mini call center reports we have to offer how many today we’re talking to more Call Center Tulsa.

Two more. Well, if you’ve listened to the previous, that’s a lot of reports just on the Call Center Tulsa side.

That’s right. We have your basis covered. Wow. Actually you, Dan, as you now taking calls at simply the beginning of the call center process, you need to know if the call center agents are converting your calls into sales man. That’s important. Say that again. You need to know if the call center agents are converting your calls into sales and you also need an easy way to fly some dice your customer gifts. Now, if we’ve said many times a text, real time reporting is a major advantage we offer over our competitors. It’s a what? Call Center Tulsa It is such an advantage our real time.

So you’re saying it’s better than our competitors.

It’s a game changer. It’s whatever you want. You know, we’re up three. Oh, on all our competitors. That’s right.

Okay. Cause you know, Dan, we do hear from time to time how our competitors do not offer real time reporting, know our organizations. They need to have the capability to run reports at the time of the airing and not wait until the next day to receive even the most standard reporting.

That’s right. I mean, with these organizations, a lot of them are running lean and mean because they want their. Jason, Call Center Tulsa do you think they want their employees coming in, you know, eight, 30, 8:00 in the morning, sitting there waiting for the reports to come in so they can start their day.

I want to think. So I think that’d be called waste of money.

That’s right. So we have our reports real time, real time. So Mike content, we provide many different types of real time reports, but today we’re going to hone in on our conversion and gift reports which our clients can review immediately. This helps as the organization’s monitor. Not only, you know, what the radio or television, how they’re performing, but if the mic tech agents are converting specific type of calls into sales.

Absolutely. And uh, that’s very important. Like you mentioned earlier, Call Center Tulsa you want to know if calls are being gay being converted into sales. So Damn, without further ado, let’s get started in a Skus you conversion summary report.

Now, if you have listened to our previous podcast, which I know you all have, you’ll know that the majority of our reports start the same. We do this for ease and consistency for our clients. Again, enter in your parameters or date range. Again, summarize by day, hour, quarter, hour, that quarter. Our feature is nice for a lot of our radio clients and you can plug in the items that you want to track the conversion for. Choose which phone lines you want to be reported. Uh, we’ll discuss in a future podcast some more on that. Click run to run the reports of your results. How many steps does that, Jason? Just a few. So with the, Call Center Tulsa once you run that conversion summary report, this is what you’re going to see. You’re going to see obviously the date, the time, the total calls, and then the total calls that produced revenue. That’s what they call everybody. That’s what they call the conversion.

We love revenue.

That’s right. So you want to have those calls converting into revenue. We have a percentage breakdown of that, so if you see the revenue or the conversion coming in, revenue coming in. Hi, that’s awesome. The price point is correct. The call to action is where it needs to be in our agents are quite simply doing their job, going above and beyond in delivering the promise that we give to our clients. Now, if you see the conversion being kind of low, that’s where we come in and we always encourage around tabling with our clients. Is a price point too high? Is there something in the scripting that is in the script as maybe keeping the calls from converting? Uh, and so there’s ways to help that. Let’s tweak it. A, it’s a moving science here. So, and the next thing you’ll see as the upsale count, uh, what is an upsale?

Hey, you know, for an additional $20 you can get this DVD or this book as well sold. I’ll do it. That’s right. That’s what we want. A great upsell, Dan. That’s right, thank you. You know what the people need as they say. And so what the upsell there, do you want to check the percentage on the sale? Uh, we have some clients that take advantage of that, um, anything up to two to three upsells after that you want to see your average call time. This is very important for our clients. You know, we bill by the minute, so we want to see what the average call time is. If it’s too high, again, is there something in the scripting and then your average order call time, uh, as well there. And you’re also your average order amount. What are most people spending? All this is tied together nicely in the conversion summary report. Love it.

Damn, that Call Center Tulsa is a great report that many of our clients use to, uh, make sure agents are doing what they’re supposed to be doing when it relates to conversion. So, awesome job, appreciate the information. Well, hey crew. Let’s take a quick break from discussing our conversion and gift reports and talk about how the different services microtech provides is so rare in the world today. Now, if you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa location or a call center worldwide, microtech tech is your choice. Again, Mike Vitek provides 18 different services from order fulfillment, ecommerce call center, say the management and much, much more, and again, it’s all under one roof roof, so can’t say that. Can I? We can do all that right here.

All right. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the middle of the country.

And when you choose my content services, Call Center Tulsa you’re choosing the work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and they will make it right.

Do what will make it right, make it right. Okay.

Call me, call Jason. We’ll get to the bottom of it and to learn more about the many services Mike, take offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c h t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. So now let’s get back to learn more about the powerful gifts summary reports Mike had tech has to offer. So Jason, when we left off, we just completed the discussion about the conversion summary report. So next we’re going to be discussing micah techs gifts summary report.

Absolutely. This a gift summary report actually comes in two different formats. We have the gifts summary phone only or call center only report, but we also have the gifts summary phone and web option, which is great option for the clients that use not only our call center but our ecommerce package. It blends the boat together. Where that comes in, very important is radio, television when you want that quick reporting. Uh, basically what it does, it starts out like all the other reports. And just a quick story, we have a couple of different clients here locally that, uh, uses our call center Tulsa services, as you know. And uh, we handle their calls every year for the radio thoughts. And so the radio host, they use this report, is continually run it, update it, and they jump on the air and say, Hey, just want to think, you know, Dan, and it’s also for that $5,000 gift today. Dan, you are so, so gracious with that gift. Thank you. I try. So

that’s where this report comes in handy. Um, again, it’s like any other report Micah tech has to offer you plug in your parameters, your date range or media options. You choose what phone line you want to run it on or lines, and then you click that easy run report button. And so what it does is it produces a report. It’s very detailed report and it gives you the day, the call time or the Internet time, whatever time the record came in, the media that they have a record came in, it gives you the full name, the full address, city, state, zip, the phone number of the collar, what gift funded that they give to. Was it a project? Was to the water. Uh, well was it feeding the hungry, et cetera. The gives you the gift amount. How much did that person give for that transaction?

It gives you any pledge information. It gives you a amount paid on that pledge. You know, Call Center Tulsa sometimes people will say, yeah, I’ll mail it in. That’s great. That’s a pledge, but you really want to see if they gave a donation today toward that pledge. It gives you the pledge periods, whether it’s, you know, for a few months or ongoing. It gives you any notes, any, uh, comments that the, uh, the agent wrote in regards to that transaction. And it also gives you, if it’s been a complete as far as processing through our quality control. So it’s a very, very important report when it comes to our radio hosts a, and you know, again, it can pull from the call center only or can pull a call center and ecommerce if you’re using our ecommerce package, blends them together. That way you know exactly how much that radio spot is generating that radio’s on that TV airing, etc. So very, very important report

and say it. And I think that liStener to say it with me, Call Center Tulsa it doesn’t get any more real time than that.

Absolutely real time. So who wants to wait? What, what radio host wants to wait till the next day to see, uh, the reports and who gave what, right. Why the kills the kills the mojo.

I mean, do they have to wait until I can take opens to?

No, because I’m like at tech is open 24 slash seven slash three slash 65.

What if they run a campaign? Maybe easter sunday.

Um, they can go online and run the reports they can call us.

So jason, what did we learn today about the three, about three of our powerful conversion and gift reports my ca tech has to offer. And then with that, how it goes a long way in making mike detective best call center tulsa has to offer.

Well dAn, great, great question there. Um, you know, we dIscussed the conversion summary report, how important that is to, uh, to whoever you view, if our agents are doing their job, they’re converting the upsells. Uh, we also discussed the gift summary phone only report. And thirdly, the gift summary phone and web report, again, usually full detail of the transaction, that way your radio, radio host, your tv buyers can read and compute that information.

So the next time you think or hear the phrase, call center tulsa, remember mike tech and all the information provided today about our call center conversion and gift reports. Before we leave you today, remember, visit our website, [inaudible] dot com, or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. We would love to discuss how my content can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire.

And join us next time on tech talk when we discuss what exactly pci compliance is and how it makes microtech the best call center tulsa has to offer before we let you go. Remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So micah tech tech, boom.