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Welcome to tech talk where you can get the latest news, quick tips, and my content knowledge. Call Center Tulsa Where are your host Jason Hood and dance. This or so. Get ready. We’re about to put a little tech in your day. Today’s show is discussing two powerful reports that help make microtech the best call center Tulsa has to offer.

I remember our loyal listeners. Anytime you have a topic or question you would like us to discuss in a future episode, send it to solutions that at [inaudible] dot com. That’s solutions at m I, c h t e k Dot com. Or give us a call at one. Eight hundred, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Now Call Center Tulsa you may be wondering what type of reporting capability does Mike attack have in regards to its call center Tulsa location. Well, my friends, we are here to discuss that as Jason and I will talk in detail about to have our mini call center reports we have to offer and as you know, taking your phone call is just the beginning of the call center process. You must have reports for the organization to access to complete the task, complete the process, and day to day. My context, real time reporting is a major advantage we offer over our competitors.

Dan, you are so right. You know, we have heard many, many times how other call centers, not my gtech other call centers do not offer real time reporting. You know, the organization must wait until the next day. Let me say that again. They have to wait until the next day. You know, the rural today then do, do we have to wait for anything? Typically, no. Right? Everybody wants to information now they want their food now they want their data now. They want everything now. So you know, when you have to wait till the next day, it just slows down the entire process.

And we’ve heard it several times here. Uh, you know, that noise in the background with Jason was talking with my mind being blown because several clients, uh, Jason and I hear it all the time. They’re shopping for a call center or Tulsa or elsewhere, and they say, you know, we use a current call center. Calls are coming in, uh, however we have to wait until the next day to get the information. Therefore, they come into the office, are ready to go. They have their cup of coffee, maybe they’re ready to print the orders or check on their donations and they’re sitting there waiting to start the day. That’s got to be infuriating. Look no more because we’re going to discuss how our real time reports can help you out.

Well, Dan, you know, not only microtech, providing the reporting immediately, you know, Call Center Tulsa like you said, this does help you as the organization monitor not only how your radio or your television or maybe even your direct mail that has a phone number on it, how it’s performing. It’s vital that as an organization, you know the numbers, you know what’s happening to day real. So, uh, you know, all that information is available in the Mica. Take netview software. So I know we’re excited about sharing just to have the reports. We have a whole host reports available, which we’ll be covering in the future episodes, but, uh, you know, without, without delay and much more, I’ll let you get going. Dan,

cool, let’s get started. So the first one we’re going to touch on today is our call center summary report. Uh, this report in a nutshell, we’ll dive in. It is more of a bird’s eye view. Maybe if you have an executive or a boss that doesn’t want to find details. I just want to know how is the call center performing well, will our call center summary report will handle that first, as Jason mentioned, our crm Netview, you log in through my [inaudible] dot com. Each client receives her own username and password and we’ll cover all that in additional podcast as well. You say you are logged in, you’re ready to go. Got Your Cup of coffee, ready to check the numbers. So first what you want to do is enter in your parameters. With Call Center Tulsa that I mean date range, what particular date you’re looking for. What’s Nice about our reporting is you can do it by the hour, by the day, by the quarter hour. A really nice touch there to, to, you know, your sense of theme here of real time. Once you’ve entered in the date parameters, you want to choose what lines you want to be reported. The reason we bring this up, a decent. We have a lot of clients that have multiple numbers,

so can you just run it for one phone number or do you have to do run them for all?

We can do one. If you have 10, we could do four, six, eight, all 10. Uh, and we’ll talk about in a, again, an additional podcasts, kind of the benefits of using additional numbers, tracking media. So once you’ve established the lines that you want to be a gathering the information for it’s, it’s that easy button, Jason, you press the click to run the report. It’ll populate from there. You can save it, you can schedule it, you can add it to the favorites tab. So once it’s populated, let’s kind of jump in here and I’ll talk to you all about, uh, the nuts and bolts of the call summary report. Got Your date range up here. So the first table you’re going to look at is going to be a, the time date. And then you have different call types, so you could have an informational type phone call. We have, we can have a product phone calls, somebody places an order, of course you’re gonna have your hangups. We do have prayer and customer service. And until the right of that will be the total number of calls.

Let me stop you right there. You’re saying that the report actually breaks out the different types of Call Center Tulsa calls.

Yes. And now our agent can categorize a phone call as to what type of phone call that’s going to be a. and so we’ll categorize that and eat. So if you’re seeing a lot of informational calls, not a lot of product sales, maybe you need to adjust something there and we’ll talk about that. That’s on a conversion report. That’s pretty awesome. That’s right. Moving on from their product, uh, amount of product sold revenue wise, you’ll have that, you’ll have your shipping total, your tax information, should that be applicable. And we even go a step further being that we have many international clients will have your total of Call Center Tulsa calls total of Canada calls as well as foreign calls. So that’s the first tab there. Moving on from there, you’ll see a payment summary that will show you the number of people that paid, maybe visa, mastercard, some people still use discover, Jason, uh, an Ach. We can do ach payments as well in the next to last is something that’s very important is your summary by item. This is going to tell you in a nutshell what your top selling items are going to be. A,

it’s always good to know because you may have three or four different items during that day, which one sounds the most. If you do it, they’re in large date range. You don’t have to run them individually. So that’s good information.

Yeah, you can see something you thought was going to sell. It didn’t quite sell as much as you thought. Okay. Maybe the price points off and it’s not intriguing to the color. So we do have a summary by item tab there as well. Uh, and lastly, a lot of our, uh, you know, ministry clients, nonprofit clients, has the pledge summary. Uh, and this is awesome report, always loved to show it off in demos because it shows you if an Angelo wants individual, wants to give you $20 a month, if they honor that commitment, it really breaks it out to their total commitment. What this individual should be paid.

So what’d you say, and Dana, is this report’s just an overall great report Call Center Tulsa,

right? This is your, this is your Goto to report to the powers at be there at era office. A summary of how the call center is performing.

Awesome. Well, hey, let’s take a quick break from the questions and discussed how all the services might get. Tech provides is so rare in the world today. Now, if you’re looking for a call center, Tulsa location or worldwide location, Mike intake is your choice. Again, Call Center Tulsa Mike Tech provides 18 different services from call center fulfillment, ecommerce, data management, and much, much more. And again, all under one roof.

And when you use my content services, you’re choosing the work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard. And if for some reason you’re not happy for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and they will make it right. And to learn more about the many services Mike had tech offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c h t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to learn more about the powerful reports kind of offer. And Jason, when we left off, we just completed the discussion about the Micah tech call summary report. Next, we’re gonna touch on one of my favorite reports. They might get check call detail report.

That’s right Dan. Let’s get right into that. And it’s similar as the Call Center Tulsa call summary report when you do the parameters here at Mica Tech, we tried to set up all the parameter pages to look the same. That’s the way once you learn how to enter at once, all the rest kind of fall in line. So again, you enter in your parameters, your date range, your type of call you’re looking for, or you can just say, give me all calls, etc. Things of that nature, uh, you want to use again, what phone number are lines you want to report on, one to five are all, and then you just quickly run the report. And whaT does report does, it’s a little bit different than the call summary. it is the same data. However, if you run it for the same date ranges of the summary report, basically where the summary tells you a high level view. This is going to give you a detailed view, gives you the person’s name, the address, city, state, zip, email, phone, what type of, what type of day, or what time of day did the call come in, what’s the call type, what’s the media that was captured on the call? So it’s really important. It’s really good for you when you’re looking for an individual person, individual order, a phone call. I mean it’s pretty basic. It’s just the detail report. Again, it gives you the clear, detailed information of every single call during that parameter date range.

And jason, I think it’s important that what I feel sets our cost center tulsa, a office here, apart from any of the competitors out there is we dive into what the color is asking about. Uh, you know, the, what are the colors asking our clients are gonna. Ask us that, you know, why, why settle for less? You have it here at mike attack. You can see the details of every single Call Center Tulsa phone call.

And another thing is, this is again a real time report. We’re not hiding anything from you. We’re not waiting to give you reports until the next day. You know, we may, some places may want to manipulate data before you get the report, not here at mc attack. The call is taken. You see it on the report. Uh, so that’s some pretty good information as far as to call detail. So dan, what did we learn today about the two of many powerful reports mike intake has to offer. That goes a long way in making mike attack the best call center. Tulsa has to offer,

so number one, we discussed the, a quick benefits of it. We touched on the cost summary report, which you know, we touched on it as a bird’s eye view, an overall summary of how the calls are going. We broke down the different call types, you know, payment summary, Call Center Tulsa top products. This is going to show you that. And number two, we talked about the call detail reports and how that really hones in on the details of every single phone call. What are the callers inquiring about? You know, what certain notes, what questions are asking a, all that great information there, right there at the detail report and is jason’s touched on. It is real time folks. It doesn’t get any better than that. Real time, real time. Live real life.

Can we say that one more time? Call Center Tulsa What is it?

It is live and real life. Call Center Tulsa This is not fake news. Alright, well hey guys. The next time you think or hear the phrase call center tulsa. Remember mike attack and all the information provided today on just to. I said just to of our powerful call center reports. So before we leave you today, remember, visit our website, [inaudible] dot com, or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. We’d love to discuss how microtech can partner with you, provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire. Call Center Tulsa And please join us next time on tech talk where we will be breaking down the different media reports mike vitek has available to our clients before we let you go. Remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So mike tech, tech boom.