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Welcome to tech talk where you get the latest news, quick tips, and Mike had technology. Where are your host Jason Hood in dance dysart. So get ready. We’re about to put a little tick in your day. In today’s show, we will discuss tips to look for when choosing a call center vendor. Lots of great information here, hopefully enlightening you when you, when the time comes to make that decision

and remember, anytime you have a topic or question you would like to discuss in a future episode, send it to solutions that might That’s solutions at m I, C H, t e k, or give us a call at 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. If you need help with fulfillment, ecommerce or call center is where we are. Tulsa is where we are located and we would love to jump on a call and hear about your needs. Jason, imagine this. Businesses booming, Call Center Tulsa things were looking up. However you find yourself always on the phone, handling orders, requests, and customer service issues.

Oh, that’s not good.

You know what? Now is the time to begin the task of choosing an outsourced call center, but as you know, there are several choices out there.

Know Dan, that’s a good thing. Call Center Tulsa You want multiple choices

as you are truly putting your company or organization and what should be trusting hands, knowing they must see an execute the same vision and the energy you have worked hard to create. The last thing you want is for an excited customer, maybe a prospect to have a bad call experience because they will leave and go somewhere else. That’s facts.

That’s very true. We see it every day with our competitors. We get calls from clients saying, look, the call center I’m with, they are just terrible based sound robotic. They are losing my partners. Can you help? And of course we can. So Dan, you know it can seem overwhelming. However, I want to provide us some helpful tips to guide you as the client in finding the perfect fit and improve your customer relations all while reducing your costs. Outsourcing to the wrong vendor can really set you up for a future failure. Outsourcing to the right vendor can lead to better processes, keeping your customers engaged.

I love it, Jason. Let’s get started. Size of the Call Center Tulsa sides of Your Business Matters, right?

Say that one more time, Dan.

The size of your business matters. Should you pick a sick call center too small, it may set you back. However, if you choose one too big, your cost may go up and you may find yourself being a small fish in a big pond. We hear it all the time. You ask yourself, are you a global business or organization? Are you local? These factors should be discussed. Maybe you need bilingual agents or maybe you simply need speaking agents for Mike attack. We have had many international clients as well as a local clients and we stand by the saying we are the best call center Tulsa has to offer

and very good point, you know, number two, does the call center focus on the customer? It’s very important. You know, I’m sure you have noticed that when being connected to a phone agent in a call center, Tulsa or anywhere else you can tell the personal other end is head down. Reading from a script is you got guy very boring. This is a no win call as they are not focused on the customer. Newsflash, the customer is important. Let me say that one more time. The customer is important. Make that customer stand out on the call.

And item number three you want to look for is the technology outsourcing to a call center Tulsa or anywhere else is a great opportunity to upgrade your technology without spending the capital while researching for the right vendor. Always ask yourself, does this vendor have the technology needed to form the perfect partnership? We cannot stress enough on how important this isn’t. Today’s world, Pci compliance is a huge topic which we are. PCI compliant, cybersecurity, the attacks happened on things you can’t see these days and you have to have the important technology, the cyber security in order to make that happen. Please. No. Mike Tech Call Center has already completed the heart part of implementing state of the art technology, which shows a willingness to invest in not only are our technology here at Mica Tech, but all of our clients as well.

Dan, that’s vital. You know, technology is so expensive, you know, outsourcing to a call center to a environment like Mike Tech can save organizations tons of money. So let’s that. Let’s take a quick break here. We’ll continue discussing how tips to look for when choosing a call center here in just a few minutes, but first you want to take this opportunity to tell you how to contact Dan or myself. If you’re in need of a call center. Again, if you’re looking for the best call center, Tulsa has to offer, microtech is your answer, hands down, we’ll be able to handle your orders, your donations, your prayer request, customer service, or plain old informational type calls.

When you use a tech services, you’re choosing to work with a company whose core values and reputation are held in the highest regard. If you are not happy for whatever reason, contact one of our team members and we will make it right to learn more about our call center or any of our other services. Mike Tech offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com and that’s m I c h Call Center Tulsa Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. That is one, 803 zero, three, four, four, three, six. Now let’s get back to how Mike, a text call center helps improve your customer service.

Dan, before we broke, we just started talking about a few tips to look for when choosing a call center.

Thanks Jason. Let’s start with. Let’s get back to tip number four. Experience. Call Center Tulsa While you’re searching for a call center, you want to rest assured knowing the call center you chose has experienced and not, uh, not only as a company but also in the industry you are in. By choosing an experienced call center, it will beat up the efficiency optimizing your performance microtech. We opened our call center location, Tulsa location in 1996.

Wait, say that one more time, Dan, because that’s important. That’s 30. It was 30 years ago. Some would say back in the day, say say it one more time for us.

Mike Hitech opened our call center Tulsa location in 1996. Proudly going on 22 years.

Wow. Twenty two years. Where was I at 22 years ago? Well, you won’t. Um, we’ll, we’ll talk about that. Why a training training is another vital piece when it goes along with the outsourcing the call center. Uh, this is where the vendor, I feel builds the trust of a client. You know, training is everything. Comprehensive training is important as you are counting on the phone agents to properly communicate on behalf of your organization. You got to have that communication by equipping the crucial information to the agents. This allows them to be knowledgeable spokespersons for your organization. We encourage your clients to come in to my ca tech, meet the call center team and share their vision and me and Jason will buy you lunch. That’s right. We’ll take you out to a great lunch here in Oklahoma. A barbecue is a major favor from a lot of the clients that come in and visit us.

And the last is number six. What to look for here is cost. We know you are getting in this game to receive the highest performance at the best price. However, Call Center Tulsa remember this, typically the lowest bidder simply doesn’t work out. You want to research on the track record of a vendor, see if they have a history of great performance and are able to adapt in a high pressure situation.

So Dan, you’re saying the lowest bidder is not always. The best solutions are best service. Absolutely not. You know, I, I’ve, I have a story, Call Center Tulsa a quick story about this. Um, I was working in my garage and I found water leaking out from, you know, where the hot water heater closet. I just may as immediately just started sinking my stomach sinking. So I opened the door and of course here comes the water. It’s all coming out of the heater. So turn off all the water. I call around and what am I doing? I’m looking for what the cheapest price to replace my water heater. So, you know, I call around three or four different areas, different locations, and you get a range anywhere from $900 up to $1,700. So I’m like, how have no clue Jews. So I call my dad, you know, what wise old father and said, hey, who should I use?

I got is one person, I don’t never heard of them before. I said, you know, it’s $900. He’s like, you know, Call Center Tulsa you usually get what you pay for it. We’ve all heard that. So what I did was I went online and I started researching, trying to find reviews, a google review, and the one with the $900 had all negative reviews. And so of course the medium and the higher costs organizations, they had positive reviews as well. So again, the lowest bidder, the lowest price does not always mean the best service. Uh, usually you’ll pay for it as Ebay knows with mechanics, uh, with people who paint your house with any type of service, usually you get what you pay for. And again, Google, Google reviews, you know, just me mentioning that Mike attack has tons of google reviews. So if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about Mike attack, go search for Mike Tech reviews are reviews.

You’ll be happy you did. So at the end of the day, I’m sorry I had to go a little storytelling there is your water heater as it’s still a work in right now. It’s working. Awesome. That’s right. So hopefully it will last 10 years and um, I will have to deal with that for awhile. So, Bay listeners, at the end of the day, the phone agents need to be able to deliver a favorable experience that keeps your customers happy. Do the vendor strengths align with yours? Do you feel you can partner with them? Get to know the decision makers at the call center as that will help in the decision process. So, Jason, what did we learn today? Well, we learned the top six things you should look for when choosing the call center sides of the call center. Does the call center focused on the customer technology experience? Is a must. Training is a must and costs you get for what you pay for, so the next time you think or hear the phrase, Call Center Tulsa, remember Mike attack and how we can improve your customer service experience. Before we leave you today, remember, visit our website and Mike at [inaudible] dot com or call us at one 800, three zero, three, four, four, three, six. You would love to discuss how Mike Tech can partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire.

And please join us next time on tech talk when we discuss how Mike attack cost Call Center Tulsa plays an intricate role with all the other services we have to offer. Number four, we let you go. Remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Micah, tech, tech, boom.