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Jason. It’s important to know how one of the leading service bureaus in America began, Call Center Tulsa how it’s evolved over the years and what the future may hold.

No, Dan, you’re so right. Without further delay, we want to welcome a very, very special guest on our show. The man, the myth, the legend. Mikey texts, very own CEO Mr Mike Connors. Welcome, Mike. Wow, what a

great introduction. I so appreciate it. And uh, Dan and Jason, I thank you for having me on today. It’s a real pleasure to be here and, uh, look forward to spending the next few minutes and talking about the bike attack, talking about call centers and given you a little bit of the background and history of microtech. That sounds good. Are we ready to jump in?

Thank you, ma’am. Perfect. Let’s roll. Let’s jump right into the questions so our listeners can better understand the history of Mike attack. So, Mike, I got seven questions for you here in Jason and I, uh, question number one, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Wow, that’s a. okay. Personally, I, you’re asking me some personal information. That’s pretty cool. Uh, Call Center Tulsa yeah, again, thank you for that. Yeah, Mike attack. I’m gonna Sorta. My background is, uh, a technical engineer. I have been in the software business pretty much my entire life. For years I developed a software applications and, uh, for insurance companies, I’ve developed accounting systems and even developed my context, at least the initial framework of Micah Tekes current call center. So, um, as a software developer, uh, I’ll tell you a little bit about, um, uh, maybe, uh, my background in terms of the software, but, uh, I have written a software applications, um, uh, in a number of different languages. But back when my cutex started back in 1986, we started as a database management company and I had written an application that service for profit organizations as well as the Software Application Service, a nonprofit organizations, outreach ministries, churches.

So the application that I wrote with a great, great team of people to help me initially focused on a, a very strong distribution inventory control module is a, is one side of the, uh, software system. And the other side of the software system was a outreach ministry service and nonprofit organizations. And, uh, with that we launched back in, uh, uh, the initial version of this offer was 1984, 1986. We became a data management company that then in 1996 we became a call center, Tulsa Organization offering the best call center services that you can find in America.

Perfect. Thank you so much for that, man. That’s some great information here. And I know you touched on it. So one of the things, second question we had here, how long has mike been in business? You mentioned 86. A buddy sent my content. Was that started in [inaudible] 96. Is that correct? And let me, let me clarify that as a little bit. Yeah.

Back in the day before you had internet, everything that we did from a software standpoint is you would write an application, Call Center Tulsa you would find a computer to host it on, and then you would go, you would a course author it, somebody would, some organization and any part of the country would decide that they want to use your software. We would hop on a plane, uh, myself and a team of a great, uh, support staff. We would hop on a plane, we’d go to the organization’s location. We would, um, install the, a computer, we would install the software, we would climb into the ceilings, we would hang the cable, we would do everything necessary to get clients up and running that well. That was back in 1984 86 and then the trend started to happen. More and more organizations, they began to ask if you would, Mike, would your company be willing to host the information and service service US rather than us purchasing your systems and your application?

Would you, uh, be open to basically being a back office, a back end service bureau? Call Center Tulsa We’re just your service in the organization. So between 1986 and 1996, uh, Dan, what we did is we would offer a client one of two options. We would either go onsite, install the whole platform and the environment, or we would offer our services, our house service bureau to service their needs. So basically in 96 we opened the call center is a key key core service to what Mike attack was offering to our clients. In 1996, we opened the call center

right here in Tulsa. That’s right, the, uh, the call center being open. Now, a lot of our listeners may not know how did they get started? I know you talked about the database side, but it just magically one morning and say, you know what, let’s start with call center. I mean, it was very innocent one asking you to help them. How did that story, how does that happen? Well, it’s really interesting. Um, the call center Tulsa

situation was a quite unique, um, but back when we initially started the company, uh, again, we started as a software only company a, then we graduated into being a service bureau and what we saw was the service bureau side of our business, uh, was more in demand than offering a solution where we would go onsite and install this system. We still have to support it, Jason, you know, because what we did is at least, you know, as you recall, back in about 96 or so, you know, the Internet was sort of evolve and it was coming online and Mike attack at that time developed one of the very, very first ecommerce platforms to service are a for profit corporations and to service our nonprofit organizations. But in 1996 we got a call from one of our major clients in the country, one of the largest broadcasters in the country, and they asked us when we start a call center service or inbound calls. So we launched the call center in Nineteen Ninety six, uh, from one of our major, major clients request and the rest is history.

Wow, that’s awesome. Well, Hey, what type of clients does Mike a text service? I mean, is it all nonprofits? Is it ministries? Is it, you know, can you give us a little bit of a history about what type of clients you guys service? Yes, that’s a very good question.

So, um, we started out again our because our software platform had two major significant strengths, uh, built into the application. The first, of course being, as I mentioned before, the fulfillment and warehouse module, and basically, uh, uh, it would handle inventory control. It was a, Call Center Tulsa uh, an included order processing, uh, it included fulfillment and included warehouse management. So a really strong emphasis there. And then the second piece of the application was um, our uh, uh, a nonprofit, a module and of which we called nephew, is our enterprise level platform servicing nonprofit organizations, uh, broadcasters who are advertising something on television. It could be a for profit widget or it could be a Christian organization, uh, asking for donations or are offering a product. So we serve as a really, really a strong, a diversified client base, a for profit and nonprofit.

That’s very interesting. Perfect. Now, Mike, why did you choose broken Arrow of all places for the call center

or that is a, another. I’m still trying to figure that. No, I’m not, I’m only kidding. I’m not a, you know, a call center. Tulsa is, is such a big thing for us because, uh, when I was a young engineer writing software, a, a partner and I, my partner lived actually in Houston, tx, what? Houston, Texas. And we got the time. We’re living in Charlotte, North Carolina. And it’s, it’s, it’s funny, my partner had a Tulsa background, I had a Tulsa background, so we decided to make salsa a centralized location for launch our, our business. So we ended up in Tulsa. So through the years we’ve been in Tulsa, we’ve been in broken Arrow, but what we have found is the culture in Tulsa and broken Arrow is so wonderful. What’s a great family? A town is a great place to raise a family. Uh, we love it is centrally located when we’re shipping orders all across the country for product fulfillment.

Our fulfillment, Tulsa side of what we do is pretty amazing because being centrally located, Dan, Call Center Tulsa what we can do is we can ship it, if you average out the time it takes to deliver a order from Tulsa across the u s and compare it to a company that’s the one fulfillment on the east coast or west coast. We generally can guarantee delivery a day or two sooner, uh, to our clients’ customers if they’re awaiting an order. So it’s pretty cool being centrally located, but there’s a number of advantages. It’s quite frankly, Dan is just a great place to live.

I agree with that 100 percent. And with that being a broken arrow as a suburb of Tulsa, do you find it, does it make it harder to staff,

you know? Uh, no, not really. Mike attack, if you, here’s the deal, if you’ve ever been to mike attack, it is a great, great experience because, and, and, uh, Jason, Dan and I, we, we tell everybody, if you want to know really what Mike does, it is extremely valuable to hop on a plane, come visit us, which a lot of people do. I they come visit us at our corporate office here, broken Arrow, and until you see all the services that we offer under one roof, you really don’t get the full picture, but when you do see it, I will guarantee it. Every time a new client or a new prospect comes to Tulsa, they walked through our environment, our platform, and our systems, our corporate office here in broken arrow. It is a, a great experience or eyes are open and we always hear the same thing. It’s, it’s a wow moment where they say, we had no idea that you could do all of this under one roof.

And Mike, that kind of leads right into my next question that a lot of our listeners have had been asking. Um, is microtech a call center only organization, which I know you’ve touched on a little bit. So just lets you expand a little bit further on that.

Yeah, that’s a, that’s another great question. Uh, Mike attack is a, not a call center only company. Uh, we offer a number of core services and I’m often asked what separates Mike attack from other, uh, companies. And one of the things is we offer so many different services under one roof. We are a company of excellence. We service our clients and we service our clients supporters and we service our clients, our clients have a customers. So we service both. Call Center Tulsa And it makes it an interesting a service if you think about it, Jason, because we’re, we’re not only service in the client, our clients, which we have a great relationship with a, we’ve serviced over 1200 clients, uh, through the years. Uh, we, we built a, just a great, great reputation. We help the small organizations to the larger organizations. We help them grow. Uh, we do a lot of positive things, but by doing everything under one roof, we offer a centralized solution that is a so cost effective and so productive by having a centralized solution.

But we do call center Jason, we do a product, a fulfillment. We have a, we have a great warehouse and all of this again is under one roof. We have a great, great ecommerce platform and we offer caging. We offer data management, uh, in a number of other services. Uh, uh, we have a great crm system. Our crm system, as I mentioned earlier in the program is called net view. It has been in development for a lot of years. It has evolved over so many multiple releases over the last, you know, 30 years. I wrote the initial release, uh, when I was very, very young, but today I have great engineers and a support staff that does a much, much better job than I ever even thought about doing and improving the product and making it very, uh, attack that. The technology advantage of our current platform is so robust and so flexible. Once you see it, you sort of, Call Center Tulsa it’s again, it’s one of those eye openers that say, wow, your software application does so much.

Excellent. Well, Mike, you’re doing a great job. Let’s take a quick break from the questions and let’s just discuss how the services that might connect provides how they’re so rare in the world today. You know, if you’re looking for the best call center Calsa offers, Mike is your choice. Again, microtech provides 18 different services, different services, Reno from call center, order fulfillment, ecommerce data management. And much, much more all under one roof as Mike mentioned.

And when do you use Mike? A text services you’re choosing to work in the company whose core values reputation are held in the highest regard. If you’re not happy for whatever reason, this contact one of our team members and they will make it right. Trust me. We’ll. Call Center Tulsa We’ll make it right to learn more about the many services Mike. Attack offers. Visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. That’s m I c h t e k Dot com. Or you can always give us a call by dialing one, 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. Now back to more with our special guests. The CEO of Mike. Attack. Mr Mike Connors.

Alright, Mike, now that we have the background of how my detectives started and we’ve learned several fun facts, we’re going to ask you a few deep thought provoking questions. Are you up for this? I am preparing myself. Jason, I hope the questions are not too hard. Oh, Call Center Tulsa we’ll try not to. Well, there’s only three left. We’ll give you a nice little break here. So let’s get started. All right, now if somebody asked you what are the core values of Mike attack, what would you say they are? While the core values are a,

you know, for Mike attack is that we, um, first of all, let me preface this to say this, Jason, is that, you know, I am often asked, often often asked what separates microtech apart? Why? Because we do so much a prospects clients, uh, people have asked me, can you summarize what do you do, what Mike attack? And the one thing that we do, I feel like that brings all the services together, Jason, is we manage information. So effectively we’re great, great at managing information. So is as part of managing information, uh, we are entrusted to service our clients information. So some of our core values, what absolutely include in a integrity, we have to operate in integrity. We are honest, we give our clients accurate information, we give them up to date information, we, uh, give the good to our clients because we’re managing the information.

There’s often times that information is great and maybe at times it’s not so great and we’re very upfront with our clients. Here is the, what the data is telling us. We, uh, communicate that information back to our clients, but we operate in integrity. And the other area, uh, Jason I want to mention is service service. We have a great a client service department. It is a managed by a quite a few people there on the front lines with our clients. Call Center Tulsa They answer information from our clients users every day. If our clients need anything out of the crm system, if they have a, uh, possibly a new order shipment coming in, whatever the case may be, the day to day responsibility of running the back end of the business for our clients is what our client services do. Our client service team as what they do, but they operate in such a high level of service that a, that’s what our clients say.

If, if our clients were to respond, they say the service is great at microtech and we’re proud to offer that kind of service. Then we operate in excellence because we offer so many different services. Uh, you know, we have some core services and then we have some miscellaneous, some smaller services that we tack onto our core, our core services, because we have so many services we have to operate in excellence in each service. That’s what we do. We know what we’re doing. The information, like I said, is centralized and our clients have a one stop shop where they can, they have everything under one roof or roof, which absolutely separates us out from other companies because we offer so much under one roof. Excellent.

So integrity, service and excellence. Those are three strong core values. If I had to say so myself. So what would you say is the mission of Mike Attack? The mission of Mike? Attack is we provide solutions that you need, that our clients need for the growth that you desire. And by that what we do, our solutions are very cost effective. They’re very robust, they’re technology is an absolute amazing. And because we’re, we’re centralized, our cost savings to our clients that they experience are quite attractive. They love that part of it, but we offer everything, like I said, under one roof, but we provide the solutions that you need for the growth that you desire. Excellent. Well, we appreciate that. A feedback there, Dan, I think you have one more question. I do. Finally a last question here. Where do you see mike attack in the next five years?


You know, because my caltech has been in business for so many years, servicing for profit organization organizations, serving nonprofit organizations, Christian outreaches, um, we have been doing this for so many years. It is vitally important that Mike attack stay current with technology. So within the next five years I would like to see us continue to grow in our call center services. I’d like to see us. We’ve got a great location and a broken arrow. A broken Arrow call center is absolutely amazing and we call it our Tulsa call center because we’re right next to Tulsa, but our, our plans are to continue to grow, look at technology to see how we can use technology to continue to advance the services. We have launched some very aggressive social media and digital services within the last couple of years. We have added the digital world, Call Center Tulsa the social media world, to what Mike attack offers. Our ecommerce platform has been recently designed, developed and deployed within the last couple of years.

Absolutely. It’s amazing what it does for, for profit organizations, how it connects to the database. There’s many examples that I could give you in terms of technology, but we just plan on continuing to grow a look at new additional services as they, as they come down to roadway, add services as we need to. And another area that makes us very strong is the partners, the third party partners that we’ll use for some of our services as well. We use a, uh, an example might be like that we use peachtree to do name and address verifications on, in a realtime basis. So a lot of what Mike detect does currently is in real time. We offer real time information to our clients. Call Center Tulsa We have a great a mobile application that, uh, with your smartphone, you can get information immediately on the calls that might be coming in from a broadcast that might be a short form spot on television, it could be a 30 minute infomercial that you’re running, but with your smartphone you get current information.

So we have a very good application application running on a, on the mobile. So Dan, we just continue to look at technology. You look at services, look at relationships, and um, I think with, uh, with God’s help and God has really blessed us over the years. We will continue to grow. Thank you Mike. And you made it. We at tech talk. Thank you so much for joining us today and allowing our listeners to learn about this great company called Mike attack. Absolutely. Mike. Thank you so much. So Diana, just recapping, you know, there’s a lot of information today that we learned from Mike. So let’s just review quickly, what did we learn?

Uh, number one, Mike had tech began over 30 years ago. That’s before the Internet kids, that’s before all the social media as well

for smartphones. That’s right. If you were around back then you remember how, uh, Call Center Tulsa how difficult it was to communicate. We’ve been around since day one.

Number two, Mike and tech started as a database management company before getting into the call center world.

Okay. And number three, my detects serves both nonprofit and for profit organizations. Number four, microtech is not only a call center, but much, much more 18 different services including order fulfillment, ecommerce and data management.

And please know Mike Tag. Number five, we operate with integrity, service, and excellence, while providing solutions you need for the growth you desire. And number six, no other organization is like as hearing Mike attack the ability to handle all your need from a to z under one roof, centrally located in the United States. So the next time you ask yourself who is the best call center Tulsa has the offer. Remember Micah Tech and all the multiple services we provide.

Well, listeners, before you leave today, remember, visit our website Mike at [inaudible] dot com. Or call us at one 800, three zero. Three, four, four, three, six. We’d love to discuss how Mike Intech and partner with you and provide the solutions you need for the growth that you desire

and please stay tuned. Join us next time on tech talk. When our Call Center Tulsa director, Mr Cody Humphrey joins us to dive deep into how our call center operates and before we let you go, remember, gaining knowledge is a blast. So Mike, Attack Tech Boom.