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Micahtek truly understands the importance of building all of your business is called we make every effort available to give you the highest level of excellence which has made Micahtek the premier call center Dallas for the last 30+ years. All of your company’s incoming calls are answered extremely highly trained operators at the state-of-the-art call center. The phone operators are all highly trained and up-to-date on your business and all of your products and services that they offer. Micahtek uses the most advanced telephone software in the industry today. Giving Micahtek’s operators the ability to efficiently and effectively recognize and respond to each of your calls. Every call we get a pop up with your business organization name and the proper authorized script that you submitted to Micahtek.

Micahtek is basically just an extension of your company and your customer will never know the difference between Micahtek and your company, because there is a difference. Micahtek will assimilate and become exactly like your company. This is the promise that Micahtek thanks to their clients, as we will be extension of your business. This is the reason why Micahtek call center Dallas has been so successful over the past three decades and how they can cater to your growing business needs. They had started offering more more services to their customers helping you grow into the future.

Micahtek’s mission is simply to be extension of your business with a focus on customer service and since of urgency when answering all calls this and with the best inflections and tones. Micahtek trains all employees on how to properly and successfully deal with customers, no matter the customers moods. Micahtek Call Ctr., Dallas can diffuse the situation if need be. Micahtek that offers several customer service solutions for your business including problem solving, interactive customer communication, data integrity, and declined and/or expiring credit card notification.

So Micahtek will be able to solve any problems that are facing your customers, efficiently and effectively calming your customer down helping them work through whatever issue they may have at that time. Interactive customer communications is a specialty here at Micahtek. Or that Micahtek call center Dallas the operators may reach out and let your customer know about a declined or expired credit card, thus freeing up your business to continue doing what you do best.

Micahtek is extremely flexible with all of their unique calling campaigns that are specifically tailored to work for your organizational needs. Their outbound agents are extremely dedicated to delivering the most excellent and appropriate responses to your customers on your behalf. Whatever you need to accomplish with their outbound calling Micahtek Scotch you handle from saying a simple thank you to communicating information to setting appointments Micahtek highly trained outbound calling staff can handle in accomplish all of your organizational needs. Some other outbound solutions that Micahtek offers are surveys, prayer, informational, Tillman, data list updating, appointment setting and even confirmations services, plus many more I highly encourage you to visit market (918) 449-3300 or toll-free at (800) 303-4436

Call Center Dallas | Your Go-To Call Center.

This content was written for MicahTek.

Micahtek Call Center Dallas is your go to call center for all of your organizational needs and desires in the 21st century. They are simply an extension of your business and they train all of their operators with the highest regard to excellence, integrity and customer service. They gear their employees to operate just as you would want your employees to act. Micahtek is much more than just basic call center as they are a multi-platform service provider that offers a wide array of business solutions. In Micahtek is growing every day to include more services that your businesses will find extremely useful. We are your all-in-one call-center, plus much much more. Micahtek takes great pride in staffing their office with the most qualified and highly trained professionals. Their call centers open 24 seven and they operate around the clock in order to help facilitate and fulfill their clients visions and goals.

They take immense joy in their work and you can tell every operator has a smiling face when they answer the phone and deal with your customer. Micahtek employees are extremely well-trained and know how to defuse hairy situations to help calm your customers down and get them back in good graces. They’ll do everything in their power to ensure a high quality customer experience for your customers here at call-center Dallas. Micahtek is extremely responsive in addressing all of your business needs and they present your customers with useful solutions to any issue they may be having at that point in time. Micahtek’s philosophy is to maintain a wonderful reputation that reflects on their core values but also on your businesses high standard of excellence.

Micahtek has been awarded and recognized as the industry leading call center Dallas and offering much more full turnkey solutions to their clients. Given their clients a wide range of different services to implement. The Micahtek environment has a powerful centralized solution with applications that will utilize the most state-of-the-art technologies available today. Their customer service center works diligently with both or profit and nonprofit organization and offers many business solutions to be used.

If your organization is looking for order fulfillment options look no further than call center Dallas. Micahtek is well known for being able to accelerate the process turnaround for all order fulfillments. In the Micahtek culture have customer service and a super efficient satisfaction that are extremely vital to the success for your company. Their product fulfillment in warehouse division will help enhance your company by focusing on customer relations and meeting all of your businesses fulfillment needs. With Micahtek you will be able to track inventory follow up on outstanding orders and shipments all but utilizing the state-of-the-art customer relationship management program. Some of the solutions that Micahtek focuses on our individual shipments, direct mail newsletters magazines, freight forwarding, online order tracking, database access clients, real-time inventory control, individual and will check. Plus many more options making Micahtek the best call center Dallas has to offer.

Please visit or give them a call at (918) 449-3300 or (800) 303-4436. They are eager to help you at your business operating on all cylinders, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments questions or concerns you may have in regards to simplifying and streamlining your business.