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This content was written for MicahTek.

Over 30 years ago Micahtek after start in the call center and since then they have helped service more than 1200 clients grow and become extremely successful giving them the time to focus on what is most important in their business. Since then Micahtek is prone to a full turnkey solution based company, offering many different services to their clients in order to help certain better. So they are much more than just a call center dallas. They have a extremely unique and different environment at their headquarters which offers a centralized solution of highly integrated applications all the while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. They now serve as the customer service and for many nonprofit and for-profit organizations mainly operating in the outsource business should. They are your go to outsourced business solutions provider. Many different types of services to help better your company make you more effective and efficient.

Micahtek knows how important it is to answer your customers phone calls in a quick and timely manner, treating them with the highest regard of service and respect. This is created the culture at Micahtek that is goal oriented and customer service based, helping them become the number one outsourced business solutions provider in the states. Headquarters in Tulsa Oklahoma they have got to grow all over the nation and have many call centers around the states, Including Call center Dallas.

All the police Micahtek are extremely professional and well-trained and able to handle the immense load of incoming calls. There is specially trained and knowledgeable about all of your organization services and products you provide and are up-to-date on all the special events. They have all that information right at their fingertips so basically they are just an extension of your company. Your customers will not even be able to tell if they’re talking directly to your company or to their call center. It’s exactly the way Micahtek structure the company to be, they wanted to be an assemblage of your company and base their own core values and then use yours to special tailor their operators to be able serve your customers effectively and efficiently.

All of your companies incoming calls are answered extremely swiftly and with the hires regard of customer service in mind. Micahtek use of the most advanced telephone software available in the industry and their operators can immediately recognize and respond to each and every one of your customers calls, will be answering calls within a peer organization in your pre-authorize script, that all of their employees are well-versed in and trained extensively on. Micahtek is also certain use lysing and automated call software which will evenly distribute all the calls among their agents to each call is answered in no time flat and handled in sequence as they arrive.

Micahtek’s outsourced call center solutions include; 24/7 and 365 day full customer support, IVR services, callback features, overflow services, after hours services, orders, subscriptions, pledges and event registrations. They strive every day to be able to better suit and cater your business needs and do it all at the highest regard to service and integrity always committed to excellence.

If you’d like more information check out the or give them a call at (918) 449-3300 were toll-free at (800) 303-4436. So what you waiting for go ahead and give Micahtek a call today and see how they can better suit your company.

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This content was written for MicahTek.

Micahtek was founded 30+ years ago with one goal in mind to better serve your outbound business services. They want to help your business grow and will do anything in their power to service your customers with complete customer satisfaction with the highest regards integrity and commitment to excellence. Micahtek’s mission is to become an extension of your organization. They do this by providing the highest integrity customer service. All of Micahtek employees are highly trained regarded as the best in the industry, they are coached on tone and keywords, which will help diffuse certain situations when customers are upset or routing. Their goal is to basically keep your customers happy and solve all their solutions effectively. This is why they are the Best Call Center Dallas and tulsa have, the really is a competitor that can match the level of integrity and excellence seem that Micahtek.

Micahtek ensures that their clients are successful at building their organization and to better serve their customers is the whole reason that Micahtek delivers the best service in the industry and has been the past three decades, servicing well over 1200 clients successfully and with a smile on their face. They know how it is to deal with customers in a timely and friendly manner. And understand the difference between customer retention and customer growth. They want your business to focus on growing your customer base while they focus on customer retention and keeping your customers happy throughout the years. Micahtek clients trust them to better serve and keep their customers for life, Micahtek accomplishes this by creating long-lasting relationships with each and every customer they come in contact with one of the reasons why the Call Center Dallas has become one of the best call centers in the nation.

Micahtek is much more than just field inbound calls though some of their customer service solutions include; problem solving, data integrity, declined and expired credit card notifications and interactive customer communication. They are dedicated to providing the complete outsource business solutions for your company and will not stop until you are hundred percent satisfied and have time to grow your company. Micahtek is quite unique in the fact that they offer outbound calling campaigns that are modeled to fit your organizational needs and are performed in call center Dallas.

There highly trained and friendly outbound agent are 100% dedicated to delivering effectively and efficiently the message that you want to deliver to your customers on your behalf. No matter what message you want to get out your customers Micahtek can accomplish it such as, same thing, communicating crucial information, setting appointments or making appointment reminders, their outsourced call center has the capability to accomplish all of your needs at extremely high service and always with a smile.

Micahtek has only the best and most trustworthy call-center agent better trained to relay the knowledge that you have prescript it for them. They are basically just an extension of your company and we work with them to train them to dealing with the customers with the highest regard for excellence and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to have a few of your business functions outsourced please look no further than Micahtek. With their proven record of delivering the best in the business you will be in good hands knowing they handle your outsourced calls and other business functions. Go to to check out the full list of services they offer for your business, or simply call them that (918) 449-3300 or via toll-free at (800) 303-4436.