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Micahtek call center is a multi platform provider offering numerous solutions including but not limited to call center, e-commerce, fulfillment and information management. They work with nonprofit and for-profit businesses and have accumulated over 1200 clients in the last 30+ years in the industry. Micahtek prides themselves on very the most well-trained and qualified professionals available, will operate 24 seven around-the-clock in order to help fulfill their clients visions and goals. They take immense pride in their work as being an outsourced contact call center and how they fully carry out all of their services provided to their customers. Is extremely important for Micahtek to hold themselves to a new standard in their uncompromising ethical manner in which they conduct their area business in regards to service, integrity and excellence.

They staff at MicahTek have the highest quality of employees in which they focus on three core values in which they instill into all their highly trained professionals. Those three core values are integrity, service and excellence. Their commitment to their customers is always given the highest and best quality service available the call center industry and they do what is best for your organization as well as their own have an extremely high level of service that is displayed in all of their services and they find true and effective solutions for all her customers issues or problems that may be present. Their commitment and promise to meet and exceed all of the customers’ expectations is based in excellence. Their call center holds themselves to highest quality of customer service and professionalism in regards to dealing with their clients.

Micahtek their mission is to be extremely responsive by addressing all of their clients problems and needs in a quick and systematic fashion. Time is always of the essence with Micahtek and they understand the client’s time is extremely valuable and they do not want to waste a moment of downed time. Because if the clients call center is down, that means their profits are down. It’s mutually beneficial for both parties resolve all issues quickly and efficiently. Their mission is to accommodate all of the clients extremely specific requests thus effectively serving their customers better. Micahtek’s call center philosophy is to maintain a beautiful reputation that reflects their commitment to their core values and their high standard of excellence to their clients that they serve.

Micahtek is more than just standard call center. They truly understand the importance of fielding your calls. They strive to make every effort available in order to make sure that their customers experience is top-notch that is made Micahtek the industry leader the call center service for well over 30 years. They maintain his reputation and reflects not only the commitment to their core values but also their high standard of excellence all of your incoming calls are answered handled swiftly and diligently by our operators at our phone answering service. Every employee here at Micahtek is screened carefully and professionally trained in order to understand your business and organization in the products and services that your business offers.

Micahtek uses the most of veins telephone software in the industry and the legally recognized incorrectly responds to each and every one of your calls. These professionally trained employees will answer every call with the name of your organization and your custom authorized scripts. We have revolutionized the way that automated call distribution works and enacted a new software which allows Micahtek to better evenly distribute the calls to our call center agents so each call is handled in sequence. No matter your needs and the call center industry, Micahtek covered. Given the call today at (918) 449-3300 were toll-free (800) 303-4436 or visit their website at And see exactly how they can better your business!

Call Center | Best Calls happen at MicahTek.

This content was written for MicahTek.

The best calls happen here at Micahtek, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service for your call center needs. All of our call center agents are extremely well trained and versed in being able to field all of your customer’s phone call in a timely fashionable manner, with the highest respect and sincerity to your customer. They genuinely care and you can hear it in their voice with all of our agents at our call center.

Micahtek’s call center specializes in both for profit and nonprofit organizations. So no matter the industry you are in, Micahtek can help you and your company by taking on your customers’calls and let you focus on growing your business. Here Micahtek we are a service provider many different platforms that we offer solutions such as fulfillment, e-commerce, call center and even information management. Micahtek has well over 1200 clients that have benefited from their partnership for over the past three decades. We staff our company with only the most qualified professionals and we operate 24 seven around-the-clock in order to fulfill all of our clients visions and goals. Here Micahtek we take pride in our work as an outsourced contact center.

We are different than your other call centers as we are focused on training our employees at the highest standard possible and making sure they know your business in and out, so stop worrying about answering your phone while you’re trying to grow your business and let Micahtek handle all your call center needs. We conduct ourselves with the highest integrity, our commitment to service and always excelling in excellence. We are here to help your business maintain an extremely high level of integrity and will do everything in our power to make sure all your calls are handled in a timely and prompt manner always with the highest professionalism behind the phone. We understand Micahtek that we will be your main line of communication with your customer and we ensure you 100% satisfaction on our calls.

Micahtek is more than just a call center though we offer several other services to our customers such as, problem-solving, interactive customer communication, data integrity, declined/expiring credit card notification, surveys their way back fulfillment, database updating, e-commerce platform, CRM database management, processing, and even CD and DVD duplication whatever your business needs may be Micahtek can handle it with a sense of urgency.

Here Micahtek or outsourced call center offers several different services. We specialize in IVR, call back features, after hour services, overflow services, orders, subscriptions, pledges and even event registrations. Our main goal at Micahtek of your business all the while providing the top class customer service. We ensure all of our clients the highest level of service and committed to making your business look as good or better than you can imagine. After all we are just reflection of your business and we are dedicated to constantly raising the bar. We strive for greatness in this is exactly where we plan to land. If you have any questions please reach out to (918) 449-3300 with any comments questions or concerns or call us toll free at (800) 303-4436 were simply visit our to see the list of other services we offer to our clients. We can’t wait to be in assisting your business!