Additional Services

What Else Do We Offer?

Existing and future customers are more apt to use their smart phone to access information and process transactions than any other method. The way you choose to communicate to your demographic will determine whether they engage with your organization or not.

A strong responsive digital presence will attract customers naturally. Digital communication is rapidly changing the way organizations connect with the world.

MicahTek offers a number of managed digital services to complement our exciting list of core services. We recognize the unique requirements of each client – and we make sure that comes through. Allow MicahTek to be your solution to connecting your customers into the future by utilizing any of our following digital services…

Text to Donate

Take giving on the go with our text to donate platform. An easy, affordable, and effective way to increase revenue. Transactions are interfaced to MicahTek’s Data Management software ‘NetView’.

Mass Text Messaging

MicahTek’s mass text messaging allows your organization to quickly and effectively reach out to your supporters to promote, inform, and encourage.

Newsletter Software

Coordinate and send out email campaigns. MicahTek’s Database system ‘NetView’ and Mail Chimp are synced together each evening.

Voice Broadcast

Let your voice be heard. Record and send out a mass Voice message to drive a call to action. Voice Broadcast is very effective, easy to set up, and an affordable approach to driving a response.

Tele Town Hall

MicahTek’s newest service. Our phone meeting service gives your non-profit organization or for-profit business an affordable tool to engage your supporters in real-time.

Video Streaming Service

Our ministry clients often require video streaming services for remote broadcast. Let us recommend the right fit for your church and ministry.

MicahTek’s goal is to serve others and help them fulfill their potential. We consistently offer new solutions to enhance our Clients growth while endeavoring to promote our clients mission. MicahTek is a full turn-key solution offering a broad spectrum of services. Empowering your growth for tomorrow.