MicahTek Customer Service Center

MicahTek serves as the customer service center for non-profit and for-profit organizations through the outsourced business functions we provide.

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Call Center

MicahTek will service your complete incoming call center needs or simply assist during your busy and overflow times.

Carefully selected and trained operators have specific online information about your organization, products, and special events. These conscientious representatives are knowledgeable spokespersons for your organization and they always treat your callers with courtesy and respect.

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing

These are crucial strengths to possess in an economy where customer service and satisfaction are vital for success. Let MicahTek enhance your consumer relations by taking control of all your fulfillment needs.

warehouse and inventory management services
customer database management servers

Database Management

MicahTek professionally manages your customer and member information. Take advantage of MicahTek’s years of experience. We have successfully partnered with many of the leading organizations in America. MicahTek’s highly trained senior management staff has committed themselves to the fulfillment of your mission statement. Our management team communicates regularly with you, keeping you informed of all activities relating to your account.

Mail Processing

MicahTek’s success comes from handling and processing each and every piece of incoming mail promptly and accurately. We function as an extension of your organization and work to understand your unique needs. MicahTek commits to a standard of professional excellence in serving your customers and members.

mail processing and lockbox services
netview crm online system

NetView Cloud Business Software

MicahTek’s professional computer systems divisions include software development, networking support, operations and internet and website departments. We manage a large variety of both non-profit and for-profit companies and utilize state of the art technology to manage information. A major factor contributing to MicahTek’s growth has been the flexibility of our software technology and its ability to implement software solutions quickly and within our client’s budget.


MicahTek’s eCommerce Solutions bridge the gap between your organization’s website and your database information.

Your organization is in touch with you your customers and members 24 hours a day!

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