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Employment Opportunities at MicahTek


MicahTek is seeking Oklahoma Residents Only. To potentially work as an employees at our Broken Arrow, OK office location, please view our current Job openings and apply online by clicking the following link to our online employment application.


If you are applying for a Call Center Phone Agent position, please complete the following three items:


1. Please complete an application for employment by clicking the following link to our online employment application.

2. Please click here to take the online data entry test ⇒ data entry test

3. Please submit a resume via email to

Contractor Opportunities at MicahTek


MicahTek is seeking Oklahoma residents only to work at home taking inbound phone calls. Requirements Land-Based phone line (without call-waiting), PC with Windows 7, or newer version, internet browser experience, high-speed cable or DSL internet service, quiet business-like work environment, polite/friendly attitude, dedicated work ethic and excellent customer service skills.


To potentially work from home as an independent contractor, please complete the following three items:


1. Please click here to apply online. ⇒ At Home Contractor Online Application
2. Please click here to take the online data entry test. ⇒ data entry test
3. Please submit a resume via email to

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At Home Contractor FAQ’s

Can a person work as an employee of MicahTek and as an At Home Contractor for MicahTek?

Due to Federal and state laws, a person cannot be an employee and a contractor with the same organization. Currently, only individuals that are not presently employed by MicahTek will have their applications for the AHC program considered.

What days and times do At Home Contractors work?

The AHC is not required to follow a work schedule established by the Company. The AHC’s schedule and hours will be determined by the AHC; however, the Company will inform the AHC of periods in which expected higher than normal call volumes may arise so that the AHC may plan accordingly.

What is the pay rate for At Home Contractors and how is the pay calculated?

The Company will pay the AHC per completed telephone call, based on the per-minute rate established from time to time by the Company. The per-minute rate is subject to change at any time at the Company’s sole discretion.

How often are At Home Contractors paid?

The AHC is paid on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit with the AHC’s designated financial institution.

As an At Home Contractor, will I have any Company benefits?

The AHC will not participate in any benefits provided by the Company to its employees, including but not limited to health insurance coverage or benefits, pension plan benefits, worker’s compensation benefits, bonus, paid vacation or sick pay.

What are the environment requirements?

Quiet working environment free of distractions.

What are the basic phone line requirements?

A dedicated basic landline that’s free from all features such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and voice mail.

What is a landline?

A landline is a telephone line that is connected to your local telephone company. MicahTek does not support Internet phone signals (i.e. Vonage) for security reasons.

When do I need to have my equipment?

All required equipment must be acquired prior to beginning the MicahTek Certification program.

What are the Internet connectivity requirements?

MicahTek requires either a DSL or Cable broadband connection. MicahTek will not support a dialup connection at this time.

What type of phone equipment do you recommend?

MicahTek recommends a “Plantronics T-10” telephone and headset unit which may be purchased from Micahtek.

What are the minimum Computer requirements?

  • A 500 MHZ or higher Processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Microsoft Word & Excel or Word and Excel Viewers
  • Windows 7 or a newer version
  • Be able to send & receive email attachments

Can I Use my Cell phone for incoming calls?

MicahTek does not support the use of cell phone for security reasons.

What kind of headset can I use?

MicahTek recommends a corded headset which may be purchased from MicahTek as part of a “Plantronics T-10” telephone and headset unit.

How do individuals apply for the At Home Contractor program with MicahTek, Inc.?

Applicants should apply online at Please note that there are no fees associated with the AHC application process. If an applicant is extended an offer to enter into a “Contractor Agreement,” the AHC shall make himself or herself available at MicahTek for two weeks of Certification payable at the established per-minute rate for any actual calls taken during those weeks.

MicahTek, Inc. is a hi-tech progressive corporation offering over fifty job classifications. The Human Resource Department is continuously searching for qualified applicants who can work with integrity, fairness and confidentiality. MicahTek, Inc. offers competitive benefits for part-time as well as full-time employees. Optional benefits include medical, dental, disability, life insurance and 401-K Retirement Plan.


Transfers and promotions from within the company are typical; however, oftentimes supervisory and managerial positions as well as entry level positions are filled from new applicants. Technical experience is a benefit, but not necessarily a requirement.


There is great demand for phone agents with data entry skills to serve the 24-hour, 7-day a week Call Center. MicahTek provides on-site training and cross-training. Phone agents answer inbound, scripted calls to process product orders, donations, Prayer calls, and special events through data entry directly into the computer systems.

Please apply by selecting the ‘Apply Now’ button. If you have questions, feel free to email our Human Resource Department.


When there is a need for hiring, applications are reviewed and potentially qualified applicants are called to set up appointments for data entry testing and possible interviews.


MicahTek, Inc.
ATTN: Human Resource Director
8215 S. Elm Place
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Contact the office: (918) 449-3300


Office Hours are Mon.-Fri. 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.