Incoming calls are answered swiftly and skillfully by live operators 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

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Toll-Free Call Center

MicahTek truly understands the importance of your calls. Your incoming calls are answered and handled swiftly and skillfully by operators in our Call Center – 24 hours day, 7 days a week. As your representatives, our operators are carefully selected and trained, knowledgeable about all of your organization, your products, and special events right at their fingertips. Enjoy the real-time benefits of call summary and call detail information through the convenience of your Smart Phone!

But just answering the phone for you is simply the beginning of our Call Center services……

  • Live Operators 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • After hours and Overflow services
  • IVR Services
  • Direct Response Call Services (Short and Long Form)
  • Personalized scripting
  • Customer Service Support
  • Orders, Subscriptions, Pledges, Event Registration
  • Workforce Management Enterprise Software
  • Call prompter
  • Customized Greeting and on-hold messaging
  • Call Back features
  • Every Call recorded
  • Customized Agent Training
  • Domestic/International toll-free numbers available
  • Real-Time Credit card processing
  • ACH Check Processing
  • Real-Time Analytic reporting (detail, conversion, summary)
  • Mobile App available for reporting
  • Real-Time market, station, and broadcast reporting

Client Identification

Using advanced telephony software, MicahTek operators immediately recognize and correctly respond to each of your important calls, answering each call with the name of your organization and your authorized script.

Automatic Call Distribution

This feature enables MicahTek to process more calls by evenly distributing them among our agents so each call is appropriately handled in sequence.

Caller Queue

If all our agents are engaged in calls, our phone system automatically parks and stacks incoming calls. These calls are then answered in turn, minimizing missed calls. After a designated period of time, the calls may be forwarded to an automated voice mail attendant.

Total System Automation

Product orders, contributions, pledges, and subscriptions are entered directly into the computer database rather than manually recorded on illegible phone forms. Credit card authorizations can be optionally authorized at your location or MicahTek can obtain authorizations and electronically transfer the funds directly into your bank account. Call information can be regularly transmitted directly into your organization’s computer database.

Instant Turnaround

With your products and supplies in the MicahTek warehouse, our fast-track fulfillment center will immediately process and ship your orders.

MicahTek’s professional Client Service Support team partners with your organization to ensure each call is handled professionally. Call now to find out how MicahTek can assist in connecting the World to you..