Mail Acknowledgment

mail acknowledgement being printed

MicahTek’s back office printing department offers professional mail acknowledgement printing. Some of the benefits include:

Receipts and mail acknowledgement response letters printed each business day

Receipt forms may be provided to MicahTek in either electronic form or offset printed forms

Clients may have multiple receipt letter forms in their client receipt folder (i.e. thank you, welcome, pledge, high donor, etc.)

Unlimited number of letters may be maintained in client letter library

Paragraph insert capability

Personalized free-form letter text variables supported

Who/ What response variables supported for Non-Profit organizations

Clients always know exactly the status of the receipt letters

NetView software identifies if letters are waiting for client updates

Client may update their receipt text as often as desired

Customized logic may be included to print certain receipt text based on clients own business rules

Product order packing slips may optionally be combined with receipt text

Postage escrow balances are real-time updated and available for client review through NetView

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