Data Analytics Services

Timely and informative reports keep you abreast of all the ‘facts’ relating to your account!

Data analytics services are built on an exhaustive variety of standard ‘base’ reports. We provide these reports to your organization, your Account Manager, and the supervisors managing your account so everyone has the critical information needed to make smart decisions.

MicahTek relies on specific daily, operational, monthly and on-request analytics reports reflecting the status of key processing elements related to the management of each account. Following are the key categories of the base system reports.


  • Lists each Batch Status, Count and Total by Day
  • Status and Operator of each Batch by Day
  • Outstanding activity; indicates Batches for Receipt Processing
  • Batches without Receipt; indicates Incomplete Batches needing receipts
  • Accounting Detail by Batch or by Date (both give Batch/Detail by partner and Transaction).
  • Batch Detail by Operator
  • Operator Status (breakdown by Operator by Event Code)
  • Lists Activity by Event Code or by Fund Code
  • Total Batch and Revenue by Day
  • Batch Summary Verification (confirms receipt total of batches and deposit).
  • Lists Daily Bank Deposits
  • Daily Mail Financial Report (Income totals ALL projects)
  • Batch Totals of varying transactions

Call Center Reports

  • Summary call report by hour, day or date range
  • Call detail report by hour, day or date range
  • Media source summary report
  • Customized reports on request


  • Core Statistical Report
  • Key Indicator Analysis
  • Key Indicator Annual Summary
  • Period Snapshot

Pledge Reports

  • Enhanced pledge fulfillment reports
  • Projected pledge receivables report
  • Detail by member name pledge fulfillment report
  • Pledge follow-up letter generation utility
  • Customized reports available on request

Subscription Reports

  • Subscription summary reports (by project)
  • Subscription renewal report
  • Detail subscribers report
  • Customized reports available on request

Inventory Reports

  • Current Physical Counts
  • Current ‘available’ product counts
  • Backorder Reports
  • Product reports by warehouse
  • Product reports by product type
  • Product reports by product group
  • Customized reports available on request

Product Sales Reports

  • Sales by product / period
  • Cost of Goods Report
  • Royalty Reports
  • Profit analysis reports
  • Source of sale reports
  • Customized reports available on request


  • Segmented Fields by Appeal by Date.
  • Event Code response by Month.
  • Giving Totals for the Month by Event Code or by Fund Code.
  • Executive management report utility (many optional variations of information).
  • Funds Response Over a Month
  • Broadcast – DMA Revenue and Broadcast Reports
  • Segmentation Analysis – By Month and Segment Code
  • Customized reports available on request

On Request (Special) Reports

  • List of Partners / Address by market.
  • Partner Alpha List.
  • Single Gift $ / Date List.
  • Donation by Zip Range by Date.
  • Counts Partners in a Zip Range.
  • Locates Duplicate Partner Records (2 Options).
  • Partner Account Print (Details Data / Mail / Receipt History).
  • Count of Partners in an market
  • Customized reports available on request

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