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Why Database Management is Important for Your Business

database management

Why Database Management is Important for Your Business

A database management system stores, organizes and manages a large amount of information within a single software application.

Anyone who owns a business understands the importance of database management, but are using it the proper way? Are you maintaining it efficiently? Is it putting ease on the user? These are all questions to ask yourself if you’re incorporating a database management system.

Staying up-to-date is one of the most important issues when it comes to database management. If you’re failing to the meet the needs and upkeep, MicahTek professionally manages your customer and member information.

Managing Your Information

We offer years of experience and we’ve successfully partnered with many of the leading organizations in America. MicahTek’s high trained senior management staff has committed themselves to the fulfillment of your mission statement. You’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to any of your accounts. Our database management team will keep you updated along the way.

Improve Service, Reduce Cost

Our data management center features state-of-the-art computer hardware, custom software, and the most powerful Cloud Business Application (NetView) that’s available to you. All customers and businesses are designed differently, so our team works to fulfill the mission of each one.

How Does It Work

With transaction history of every contribution, pledge, subscription and order on file, the data entry and mail processing departments can expedite your data input and output process and transform a mailing list into a dynamic active database. Through processing and fulfilling each transaction properly we’re able to respond to your customers and members in a timely manner.

Staying Up-to-Date

The raw data that just sits around, MicahTek turns that into meaningful information. Information that your business can use towards a client. By staying up-to-date your company will be able to make comprehensive management reports to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make better business decisions.

Here are some of the ways we stay up-to-date on your end:

  • Centralized Database Operating System that is 24/7 real-time client access
  • Real-Time Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Data Segmentation
  • Database Analytics
  • Historical Data Conversion

MicahTek wants to empower your organization to make the right choices. Managing your information is our business!


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