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Call Center: Let Us Answer Your Calls

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Call Center: Let Us Answer Your Calls

Are you trying to run a business but don’t have time or the capacity to answer phone calls from your customers? That’s where our call center steps in to help your business out this new year.


Customer service is a respected aspect within a company and if you can’t hold your end of the bargain, it could cost you. MicahTek understands what it takes to answer customer calls. With our call center services, you’re able to run your business while we’re available to handle the customer service part 24/7.


How Does it Work?


All of your incoming calls are answered by the MicahTek call center operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our representatives are fully trained and knowledgeable about your organization and business in order to handle the customer’s questions. Your able to kick back and review the real-time benefits of call summary and call detail information between the customer and our representatives from the convenience of your Smart Phone!


What are the additional services that are included with the Call Center?


Not only do our representatives answer your customer calls 24/7, we’re fully serviced for 365 days a year! So you’ll never have to miss a customer question or complaint. We’re able to work after hours when your business or organization isn’t open. Some of the additional services provided with the Call Center are:


  • IVR Services
  • Direct Response Call Services (Short and Long Form)
  • Personalized scripting
  • Call Back Features
  • Real-Time Credit Processing


These are just a few to mention, so if you’re interested in having a call center answer your customer phone calls, contact us today for more information.


When you work with MicahTek’s Call Center service, you’re gaining advanced technology software to handle the phone calls, automatic call distribution, total system automation and instant turn around rates.


Do you want to work with MicahTek? Give us a call today at 918. 449.3300.





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