Pam Conners, founder and President of MicahTek, has dedicated herself to the service of over 1,200 clients benefiting from their partnership with MicahTek.  We are staffed with a team of qualified professionals who operate around the clock to help fulfill our client’s goals and visions.  We take great pride not only in our work as an outsourced contact center, but how we carry out the services we provide.  Most importantly, MicahTek has distinguished itself in the uncompromising ethical manner in which we conduct business with Integrity, Service, and Excellence. 



MicahTek maintains the highest quality staff by exemplifying three core values into our workplace environment. Our Integrity reflects our commitment to always being honest and trustworthy partners to our clients and working to do what is best for your organization.  The high level Service displays how we go to great lengths to be accommodating and flexible in our services to find real effective solutions for our clients.  Our promise of Excellence is the way we deliver the highest quality of customer service from our contact center and professional turnkey solutions for our clients.



MicahTek’s mission is to be responsive by addressing our client’s needs in a swift fashion, while presenting thoughtful and useful solutions.  We accomplish our mission by our unique flexibility that accommodates our client’s very specific requests resulting in effectively serving their customers.  Our philosophy has always been to maintain an impeccable reputation that reflects not only our commitment to our core values, but also our high standard of excellence to the organizations we serve.

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Clients MicahTek Has Assisted: