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6 Reasons to Outsource Our Call Center

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6 Reasons to Outsource Our Call Center

Businesses have one main focus of staying on top of core competencies. Answering the phone and specialized services aren’t on their every day to-do list.


In-house specialized services such as various communication channels can be very difficult and requires cost, time and energy within your business. Training employees the ongoing operation of specialized services needs to be taken into account.


If you’re wanting to manage the costs and improvements of customer satisfaction, it’s in your best interest to outsource our call center.


Why Outsourcing is Beneficial


  1. Reduce overall costs. Call centers and customer service requires investments in facilities, equipment and staffing. When you outsource through MicahTek, you’re able to reduce the overall costs because only certain clients will receive the benefits of customer service.
  2. Industry knowledge. Benefits of outsourcing your calls are that we possess the knowledge of multiple industries. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable with valuable insights and strategies from years of experience in the field.
  3. Volume. The call volume will rise and fall on a daily basis for your business. Outsourcing to our call center while handling multiple clients will help reduce the high peaks and low valleys. For example, our call center can help out scheduled calls as well as bring a few more staff members into the mix when you’re reaching high volume days.
  4. Dedicated call managers. All of our “Call Managers” are trained to handle a variety of clients’ processes. Our agents are fast to adapt to different client scenarios such as being bilingual which can truly have a huge impact and effect on customer service.
  5. Tools. One of the main benefits of outsourcing to our call center is to measure per-call costs for profitability. This detail is listed on the monthly bill to ensure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and our operations on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Service 24/7. Whether it be hopping onto a phone call, email or web chat with a customer, MicahTek has 24/7 service for our call center. Most businesses aren’t able to keep the doors open 24/7 for customer service, so outsourcing to our call center will be able to deliver that service at a lower cost than in-house.


If you’re wanting to cut costs through customer service and replace it with reliable, technological, and knowledgeable customer support give us a call today!



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